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PPTG Privacy Policy

This website does not post photos with children’s names, except with explicit parental permission. All Peralta parents are asked to sign a media “opt out” form at the beginning of the school year if they do not want their child photographed. Please obtain a media opt-out form from the school office if you are concerned about photos appearing on the site.

The PPTG website publishes e-mail addresses in spam-resistant formats (e.g., tom AT yahoo DOT com), as part of its normal functioning.

Please also contact the following PPTG members if you do not want your e-mail address published, or if you have other privacy concerns:


  • Communications Co-chair Heather Ashcroft (heatheraashcroft AT gmail DOT com)
  • Communications Co-chair Liz Morgan (elizmorgan AT sbcglobal DOT net)
  • Webmaster Ben Riddell (ben AT thewhitebear DOT com)