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Digital Arts

One of the ways Peralta students integrate what they’ve learned about science, history, the environment, and literature is by making digital films. Every year, Artist-in-residence Trena Noval works with classroom teachers to develop student artwork into short videos.

2010-2011 Projects

Students in Kelly Rozario’s 4th grade class created Miraculous Fungi to tell the story of how mushrooms can clean up oil spills. They learned about bioremediation from UC Berkeley Mycologist Mia Maltz. The film will be translated into Spanish and used to teach communities about bioremediation.

The Life of a Painted Lady Butterfly

The Painted Lady Butterfly Animation from AnaThomas on Vimeo.

Trash Elimination, the Sequel

Trash Elimination- The Sequel from AnaThomas on Vimeo.

Past Projects

Land Beneath Our Feet, a cut-paper animation about how the the Temescal Area of Oakland changed over the past 200 years, was a finalist for Best Children’s Film at the Albany Film Festival in June. The film was made by Pam Lucker’s 2008-09 1st graders, in collaboration with Trena Noval.

For The Great Quake of 1906, 4th- and 5th-grade students from Linda Lathrop and Kelly Rozario’s classes studied the science and history of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Teachers and students worked in collaboration with artist-in-residence Trena Noval and California College of the Arts Student Community Fellow, Elizabeth Dolbec-Oliveras during the spring of 2010.

Things That Spin, a white-board-drawn animation by the 2009-10 2nd graders with Trena Noval.

The Yosemite Valley Story is a multimedia piece complete with an original soundtrack by Ms. Rozario’s 2009-10 class of 4th graders, in collaboration with artists Trena Noval and Whitney Gardner.

Water Cycle — So What? was made by Ms. Hughes’ 2009-10 5th graders in collaboration with artists-in-residence Trena Noval and Whitney Gardner.

Trash Elimination was created by Ana Thomas and her 4/5th grade class in the spring of 2010.

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