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Time for a new school year!

The new school year starts on Monday, August 26th. Please note that the first week of school is a Minimum Week. Also, school now lets out at 2:50 M, W, Th, F, and 1:30 on Wednesdays and minimum days.

Happy 2013/14!

School is Around the Corner…

… and  it’s not to soon to start thinking about the Peralta Fund.

Each September, we ask all families to give what they can to support a broad range of programs at Peralta, ranging from art to our PE coach, from Spanish to music classes, and much more. We want all families to participate. Every class that has 80% participation gets an ice cream party. If the whole school hits 80%, all kids get ice cream!

Learn more here.

Enroll now for PEACE before/after-school care

Peralta’s Enriching And Creative Environment

The new PEACE session is open the first week of school, starting immediately at 1:30 after the school day ends.  Your child is welcome to attend this week.  Please make sure you fill out the PEACE information that went home in your child’s backpack on the first day of school (Monday Aug 26th).  Be sure to include your child’s important info, as well as your desired entrichment classes.  Keep in mind you may not get your first choice as classes fill up quickly, but rest assured all of the PEACE programs are fun and offer great learning and social experiences!

Questions and concerns should be directed to Sherice Tyler.

You may download the enrollment materials here.

Peralta’s Arts Curriculum in the News

At Oakland elementary school, environmental science meets art

OAKLAND — At Peralta Elementary School, the line between art and science is as fuzzy as the native bees children are studying this year.

In Ana Thomas’s fourth-grade classroom this week, students would eventually split into teams to sketch their species of choice for an educational pop-up book — the mason bee, the sweat bee, the digger bee and yes, even the head-bonker bee.

Read full article in the Contra Costa Times

The 2012 Raffle Quilt

Why do these 3rd graders look so happy?

Because they helped create this stunning quilt!

Artist-in-residence Ellen Oppenheimer and dozens of Peralta students have put many hours into this unique work of art, which will be raffled off at the Peralta in Bloom Festival on May 12.

Quilts are a Peralta tradition, and the raffle is our oldest fundraiser, now in its 15th year. Peralta quilts have been displayed around the world, including at the American embassey in Moscow, and featured in an exhibit at the San Francisco Airport.

Now it’s time for you to start selling tickets! Together, we can raise thousands of dollars for Peralta’s art and enrichment programs.

Check your child’s backpack for a green information sheet and 30 raffle tickets for your family to sell. Olders students may be able to sell tickets themselves—younger students will need a little help. At $1 each or 6 tickets for $5, they are easy to sell to friends, neighbors, family and co-workers. If you need more tickets, please see Sonia in the library.

Tickets and stubs are due back to the library by Friday, May 11. The drawing will be May 12 at Peralta in Bloom.

If you aren’t able to sell your tickets, please return them to the library so someone else can sell them. We have some kids who are champion ticket sellers, and like to sell hundreds of tickets.

Questions? Contact Laura Counts at laura DOT counts AT gmail DOT com.

Letter from State Senator Loni Hancock

Letter from Loni HancockThis letter is from State Senator Loni Hancock, whose grandchild attended our school. Senator Hancock asks for our help in securing important organizations in K-12 education, such as the California Arts Council. Given recent problems in securing funding for the Arts Council by a 2/3 majority, she asks us to show support for SCA15, a constitutional amendment that reduces the threshold required to secure funding for groups like the California Arts Council to half. The legislation will help secure state investment in the arts in public education, a value close to Peralta’s heart!

Click on the image to read the letter.

Whoop whoop! Peralta wins National Blue Ribbon School Award

Our wonderful school has been recognized for its brilliance by the US Dept. of Education! We have been awarded a National Blue Ribbon School Award. Kudos to Rosette and the amazing teachers and staff. Also to the entire school community for doing such a wonderful job of creating and maintaing a successful, thriving school for our children.

The Blue Ribbon Schools Program (BRSP) recognizes elementary and secondary schools that are both academically superior and have demonstrated dramatic gains in student achievement, while serving an economically disadvantaged population of students. Schools recognized through the BRSP are national models of excellence for other schools to emulate. All of the 2011 nominees were either previous California Distinguished Schools or California Title I Academic Achieving Award schools.

Peralta was 1 of 21 California schools, and only 1 of 2 Alameda County schools recognized.

Click for U.S. Department of Education press realease

News reports:

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Peralta’s Second Step Program

This year, our wonderful Second Step program instructor, Susan Killebrew, has created a blog. In this blog, you will find information and resources related to Peralta’s Second Step program, as well as regular updates with highlights of Second Step instruction each week. This will be a very useful tool for parents that will help you support your child’s emotional and social development at school and at home.

Don’t know what Second Step is? Visit the blog and check it out:

Miraculous Fungi: Peralta Students Show How Mushrooms Clean Up Oil Spills

Check out the new video made by last year’s 4th graders with artist-in-residence Trena Noval and UC Berkeley Mycologist Mia Rose Maltz:

Film Festival Success

The three Peralta student films that screened at the Albany Film Festival on Saturday were very well received, and “The Land Beneath Our Feet” was nominated as a finalist for Best Children’s Film!

This was especially exciting because the judges were famous bay area filmmakers: director, editor, and cinematographer Mike Shane, and legendary Bay Area filmmaker Les Blank. So it was really an honor to be seen and picked as one of the best by these accomplished folks from the field! There was lots of applause after each film, especially “Trash Elimination” by Ms. Ana’s class. People really cheered after that one screened!

Check out these great Peralta movies on You Tube: