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PPTG Roles

Parents and teachers at Peralta have long and well deserved reputation for action. The Peralta Parent Teacher Group meets monthly in the multiple purpose room (see calendar) to discuss how to best support the school through fund raising, advocacy and other volunteer work.

Although role descriptions have been written up (see below), each year new volunteers bring their own special twist and do the jobs in their own style. (That ‘s the way we like it!). Note also, many parents take more than one role.

Volunteer Roster:

PPTG Leadership Council (LC) “The LC”, composed of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Volunteer Co-Chair and various Co-Chairs, typically meets monthly to discuss issues and topics coming before the wider PPTG. This group makes the agenda, organizes and facilitates the monthly PPTG meetings. Each member acts as point person for area of responsibility and participates in long-range school planning and issues that arise. These roles (ideally) involve a 2-year commitment.
PPTG Chair: Serves as “the face” of PPTG and the liaison between Parent/Guardian community and the Principal. The chair often is the first point of contact for those with questions, needs or information and directs people to the appropriate person within the organization. This role requires quite a bit of time and involvement with the school onsite. The Chair works with the other Co-Chairs on the leadership council to build agendas for and facilitate the PPTG meetings, reach out to the community for volunteers and promote the missions of Peralta on site and within the district.
PPTG Recording Secretary: Attends all PPTG meetings, take notes, formats and archives via posting on the PPTG-LC website, and will help to make printed copies for non-email users upon request.
PPTG Treasurer: Responsible for fulfilling the ongoing financial reporting needs of the PPTG and Peralta community. Works in partnership with the Financial Analyst on strategic projects (budget, long-term funds, etc.). Major responsibilities include paying bills and people; deposits; event cash handling; bookkeeping (QuickBooks) and balancing checkbook; reporting to the membership.
PPTG Volunteer Co-Chair: Facilitates PPTG efforts to reach out to Peralta families to foster participation in the various events, roles and activities that parents & caregivers may engage in. Maintains the PPTG Guide and the Volunteer Roles directory. Leads the recruiting effort at the end/beginning of each year. Helps organize the Annual Information and Activities Fair at the first PPTG meeting in September. Follows up with coordinators as needed throughout the year. Works to promote diversity and include as many as possible in the PPTG’s community of “doers”.
PPTG Communication Co-Chair: Ensures all families receive necessary information regarding Peralta news, events, plans, policies, and decision-making; maximizes opportunities for all families to provide input and ideas. Has responsibilities for getting information out via paper handouts, Peralta Times, email newsletter (Peralta Broadcast) and automated telephone service (Calling Post).
PPTG Community Building Co-Chair Facilitates inclusive planning, decision-making, oversight, and communication of PPTG efforts to build community within our diverse school population, among the parents/caregivers, teachers, staff and neighbors.
PPTG Diversity-Unity Liaison Facilitates inclusive planning, decision-making, oversight, and communication of PPTG efforts to foster a culture reflective of the school’s diverse membership, building community and encouraging open expression and celebration of this diversity.
PPTG Community Relations/Advocacy Co-Chair: Monitors and communicates information from outside entities including OUSD, City of Oakland, elected officials, community organizations, and other schools to the Peralta community.
PPTG Strategic Planning & Facilities Co-Chair: Facilitates inclusive planning, decision-making, oversight, and communication of PPTG efforts to maintain, improve, and/or expand Peralta ground and facilities, and long term strategic planning. A background in construction and or architecture is helpful here.
PPTG Finance and Fundraising Co-Chair: Coordinates and supports financial management of PPTG funds; sets and communicates fundraising goals and plans; communicates and coordinates discussion of fundraising progress, issues and decisions to the school community.
PPTG School Wellness and Support Co-Chair: Facilitates inclusive planning, decision-making, oversight, and communication of PPTG efforts to enrich and support school programs and operations.
PPTG After School Program Co-Chair Facilitates inclusive planning, decision-making, oversight, and communication of PPTG efforts to enrich and support the after-school educational experience of Peralta students.

PPTG Volunteer / Event Coordinators

The AMAZING people who step up each year and make it all happen…

Auction & Bazaar Co-Coordinator: Secures date and location for Peralta biggest fundraising event. Works on concept, program flow, coordinates donation solicitation, item presentation both physical and catalog, logistics for distribution and money collection.. and thanking donors. Hard work, a lot of fun, always a great group who know how to put on a party. Extensive, good documents exist for this important task.
Berkeley Bowl Scrip: Sells Berkeley Bowl scrip to Peralta community one morning each week at school. Coordinates with Treasurer to maintain inventory. Tracks and secures scrip in stock. A fantastic
Bike/Walk to School Day Coordinator: Organize annual Bike to School Day in conjunction w/Bay Area Bike to Work Day on third Thursday of May. Day of event includes Bike To School Day Bicycle School Bus, a bike raffle, and distribution of bicycle safety sheets, and other materials. Week leading up to event includes Bicycle rodeo, helmet safety class, and coordinating w/East Bay Bicycle Coalition on presentation of parenting workshop re: safe riding on the street with children. Job entails coordination of various volunteers. (Member, School Wellness Council). If you love bikes and kids, you’ll be ecstatic in this role. Also handles International Walk to School Week in first week of October.
Box Tops For Education Coordinator: Promotes and manages Boxtops fundraising program, including flyers, newsletter reminders, announcements, maintains collection box, etc.
Budget Coordinator (aka Financial Analyst): Works with PPTG on strategic projects and with Treasurer to ensure efficient ongoing operations. Major areas include financial system setup; budget work; reporting to the group; managing long term funds; tax forms.
Calling Post Coordinator Also known as “The Voice of Peralta” this person sets up and sends messages via the Calling Post automated system informing Peralta community in the event of important announcements, closures or emergencies. FM DJ voice not required.
Catering Co-Coordinator: Coordinates the potluck food at the monthly PPTG meetings, sends announcements/appeals for dishes, sets up the table (makes sure plates, cups, drinks, utensils present), orders pizza, coordinates with treasurer for checks for any vendors.
Childcare Coordinator: Recruits and schedules hourly childcare workers for PPTG meetings and Peralta events. Coordinates with Treasurer to pay workers at each event. Coordinates with school staff and teachers to arrange for childcare space and ensures cleanup at end of events.
Design/Publicity/Signs/Copies/Distribution: Coordinates with principal, teachers, PPTG chairs and volunteer coordinators to inform, promote, and recruit Peralta community on activities, events, and campaigns, through signage, flyers, and Friday folder distribution.
Diversity-Unity Dinner Coordinator: Coordinates team to put on annual potluck dinner, usually in January/February, including promotion, recruiting and organizing volunteers to set up, shop, decorate, serve dinner, and clean up. Coordinate with teachers and enrichment programs to schedule entertainment. (This is a social event, not a fundraiser.)
Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness Coordinator: Organizes team to provide materials, storage, and awareness for Peralta staff, teachers, parents and children be prepared for major disasters. Solicit donations, keep inventory and refresh materials and equipment, and organize trainings and drills.
E-scrip & Schoolpop Co-coordinator: Promote signups by Peralta community and beyond (relatives, LRPG) in shopping rewards programs to benefit PPTG. Use email, tabling at events, providing laptops for signups, newsletter, flyers, signage, etc. to encourage enrollment and renewal at beginning of year with periodic reminders throughout the year.
Fifth Grade Graduation Co-coordinator: Fourth grade parents/caregivers who coordinate the invitation, set up, decorations and refreshments at the 5th grade graduation the last day of school
Friday Folder Coordinator: Coordinate with the Peralta school staff secretary to stuff the Friday folders to be sent home with the students. Requires 2-4 hours per month.
Fundraiser Idea Collector Gathers ideas to make sure that fund-raising suggestions are continually flowing. Help us create a fundraising culture that is creative fun, entertaining, educational and community-building.
Fundraiser Evaluator New ideas need to be “fully baked” worth the time an effort involved. The evaluator takes an objective look at our fundraisers and balances results against volunteer time and effort, school-year timing, and Peralta school values such as inclusivity, health/wellness
Fundraise-Major Donor Facilitator Contact person for “major” donors. Not required to solicit, rather to provide the materials around a solicitation, keep list (database) of high level friends. Have general sensitivity around financial equity and diversity issues. Creativity for donor recognition. Sending thank you letters needs to be taken care of.
Grade Level News Coordinator: “Grade Level News” is circulated monthly from the teachers to each grade, includes specific information about the curriculum as well as reference to the state standards. There is a special website where teachers type in the information from any computer and it automatically sends it to Ms. Costello and the grade level notes coordinator. After the initial training, this job probably takes a few hours per month, depending on your facility with compiling and coherently presenting information.
Grants Team Coordinator: Convenes a team to work with PPTG leadership and staff to identify and screen listings for possible grant applications (e.g. foundations, eSchool Grant News, PEN NewsBlast). Recruits and supports writing of applications by teachers, parents, and teams. Helps maintain records and monitors reporting requirements for grants received. Most communication by email.
Grants List Reviewer This person reviews these two publications for good grant opportunities for Peralta: Pen Newsblast and the eSchoolNews
Incoming Families Picnic Co-Coordinator: Scheduling — Select date in July or August with Rosette / PPTG leadership help. If at Peralta, will need coordination with custodial services. Communicating — With help from school office, contact new families to save-the-date, keeping track of who’s coming / maybe have rsvp system; flier mailed to families, post to PPTG listserv / maybe others. Expect all kinds of questions. Most often, about the after school programming. Sometimes best to refer folks to Rosette, PPTG Leaders, etc. Programming — Set up a sign in table with name tags, handouts (school schedule, PPTG stuff, might include a FAQ sheet for incoming families), question cards: people write down questions. After some casual play, circle everyone together, have an official type person (PPTG co-chair maybe) welcome and answer as many of the question cards as possible. Possible ice breakers: who are you, where do you live? Other logistics — Shop for snack / food items (Costco?), save receipts to give to treasurer for reimbursement (or get a check made out to vendor ahead of time). Recruit volunteers for helping day of.
Kindergarten Outreach Co-Coordinator: Responsible for planning and carrying out activities that convey information about Peralta School to families interested in enrolling their children. In past years, these activities have included: scheduling and conducting weekly school tours beginning in late Fall until the end of the Open Enrollment period; organizing two evening informational events at the school site. These include a “Parent-to-Parent Forum” and a Kindergarten Open House; Creating and distributing flyers about the above-mentioned tours and evening events. Distribution has included mailing flyers to preschools & daycares throughout Oakland, and sending flyers home with Peralta families with a note asking them to share the information with families in their communities; Promoting the above-mentioned tours & events through local newspapers, newsletters, and email list-serves; organizing an informational table at the Districts annual Options Fair.
Lost and Found Coordinator: Monitor lost and found bins and periodically lays out items where children and parents can see and retrieve them (weekly/monthly/at school events). Remind kids and parents through flyers, newsletter, announcements of need to label all clothing and to check lost-and-found. Work with staff to donate unclaimed items when too much builds up.
Mental Health Coordinator Help with renewal of contract for Mental Health interns with nonprofit sponsor (BACR in ’07-’08). Entails some email and coordinating during summer/beginning of school year. Toward end of school year, liaise between Principal, PPTG, and sponsor re: renewal of contract for following year. Throughout year, distribute county, state and other information & materials re: mental wellness resources/opportunities to teachers, staff and parents. (Member, School Wellness Council)
Middle School Info Night Coordinator Works with other 5th grade parents to assemble information and hold an information night about choices available to Peralta families.
Morning Drop-off Coordinator Coordinate volunteers to supervise drop off zone on Dana. You will be provided with models used by other schools to recruit volunteers. This job can be split on a quarterly or bi- annual basis between multiple parents. Safe Routes to Schools will provide safety and informational materials to this liaison concerning drop off traffic safety and plans.
Music Co-Liaison: Coordinates new and/or returning music instructors annually. Negotiates contract, monitors time worked, informs treasurer of payments needed monthly, informs music instructors of Peralta events needing student performances.
Office Task Force (OTF) Coordinator: The OTF is conceived as a group that would basically be “assistants to the secretary”, helping with various office projects as needed. This coordinator recruits / directs OTF, serving as its liaison with Hellen Richardson and other office staff. This team includes the Friday Folder Coordinator.
Greening Project Garden Co-Coordinator: Promotes monthly garden work days with flyers and email announcements. Coordinates vision of staff with needs of students, teachers and after school program with input from interested volunteers. Gets plants, tools, wood, paint and other materials in advance for preparation for regular work days and special projects. Maintains a master list of projects, including monthly schedules and annual special projects. Manages budget from PPTG and solicits donations and helps to write grants.
Peralta Fund Coordinator Important job at the beginning of each school year with school’s biggest fundraiser. Approximately 20-25 hours of work during first 5 weeks of school (classroom visits, Back to School night presentations, emails/flyers, etc.)/ Track of what money has come in. Very good documentation for the tasks involved in this job..
Peralta Produce Stand Buyer(s): 1:15pm – 2:45pm: Go to the Derby Street Farmer’s Market in Berkeley every Tuesday around 12pm to purchase produce for produce stand. Maintain relationships with 7 or 8 regular farmers/vendors. Pick out the choicest produce to bring back to Peralta to be sold to Peralta families, students, neighbors and community members. The farmer’s market opens at 2pm. PPTG Buyer shows up at Peralta around 1:15pm, picks up produce boxes and gets to the farmer’s market around 1:30 to start shopping so that many of the boxes are already packed when the 2pm “okay to sell” bell rings. Then s/he gets back to Peralta at 2:30pm and helps offload and get the stand selling by 2:45pm when the bell rings. Requires PPTG check handling and record-keeping of payment transactions. Requires lifting and carrying of produce boxes, and access to an appropriately-sized vehicle
for transportation and delivery. (Member, School Wellness Council)
Peralta Produce Stand Set Up Coordinators: 2:30-3:30p: Set up tables, produce, tents, determine pricing and “menu board,” handle cash transactions, put together taste testing, 25-cent table and other special features, “fire sale” leftovers or donate them to shelters, maintain cash box/cash float, deliver sales proceeds to Treasurer. Coordinate parent and student volunteers to help with part or all of the above. Involve students through Junior Coaching and/or After School Enrichment programs. Work well with students and multiple volunteers in intensely active but fun sales environment. Requires organization and multi-tasking. Requires commitment of time from 1pm-6pm every Tuesday.
(Member, School Wellness Council)
Peralta Produce Stand Monthly Volunteers: The produce stand needs folks to commit to coming once per month for the whole year, either 1:30 – 3:30 (see above) or 3:30 – 5:30. That’s 8 shifts we need to fill, in addition to the ‘buyer’ (or two) who will commit to picking up the produce from Berkeley Farmers’ Market on Tuesday.
Political Action Co-coordinator: Organizes targeted political action campaigns as needed to secure support for Peralta from elected officials and local, state and federal agencies.
Peralta Times Co-Editor: The Peralta Times is a paper newsletter-type publication that can be as many or few pages as feasible. The editor’s job entails 10-15 hours a month including copying & distribution. It is recommended that a team of 2-3 dependable people be a core group, in addition to whatever articles any other people are also writing. It has been published monthly so that it is timely for all the events/activities that go on in school.
Quilt Raffle Co-Coordinator: Coordinate sales campaign for quilt raffle tickets in spring term (drawing at 5th grade promotion). Organize ID of quilt with Ellen O., printing of tickets (usually sponsored by a merchant); creation, copying, collating, and distribution of ticket packets to all students (tix, flyers, return envelopes). Promotion/reminders to community via flyers, email, newsletter, announcements to all classes, etc. Coordinate receipt of money and tix with librarian and treasurer. Coordinate drawing, notify winner, deliver quilt.
Room Parent Coordinator: Recruits and organizes the room parents at the beginning of school year. Conducts meetings throughout school year and assures that staff, teachers and PPTG can connect/communicate with families with any announcements (i.e. special events and field trips) and also in cases of emergency/crisis.
Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Coordinator: Attend one-time training in September; coordinate monthly Walk/Bike to School Days; communicate Safe Routes information to school via bulletin boards and newsletter announcements; coordinate parents who have interests in carpooling and starting up Walking/Biking School Buses; letting teachers know about available Safe Routes to Schools curriculum and programs. (Member, School Wellness Council)
Salad Bar Coordinator: Coordinate multiple parent and student volunteers for staggered staffing and supervising of salad bar throughout the students’ lunch hours on every school day. Coordinate a time for a nurse from OUSD health services to come to school site to provide TB testing for all volunteers. Organize special promotions. Assist with establishment and maintenance of food waste composting program. Requires safe food handling procedures, good hygiene, ability to work well with students while maintaining order. Coordinator commitment is 11am – 1pm daily until reliable volunteers are established. Remain on call in case of volunteer no-shows. (Member, School Wellness Council)
School Wellness Co-coordinator: Point persons for the following roles related to Wellness, some requiring a significant ongoing time commitment: Bike to School Day Coordinator, Morning Drop-off Coordinator, Peralta Produce Stand Coordinator, Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Parent Coordinator, Salad Bar Coordinator, Mental Health Coordinator. Participate in OUSD Coordinated School Health Council and related initiatives and report back to school community. Share information about wellness programs and opportunities at the County and State level. Coordinate with Alliance for a Healthier Generation and other funders and community partners to satisfy wellness grant funding requirements and school wellness initiatives. (Chair, Peralta School Wellness Council)
Solar Project Coordinator: There is a project to install a small demonstration scale solar power array behind the middle pod. This is the point person for that effort.
Spring Festival Co-Coordinator: This position is a lot of work, but a lot of fun. You work with a bunch of Peralta people (OVER 100) to create the largest, most public event on the Peralta calendar that everyone who is anyone, comes to. You pull together the group and organize the meetings (January-May). Find people to take charge of food, games, entertainment, sponsorship, etc. On the day of the festival, you oversee the event, but you must take time to eat some barbecue. You will be exhausted by the end, but you will probably have made some great friends and you will definitely have an enormous feeling of accomplishment. This position is for someone who likes to get things done! Extensive, good documents exist for this important task.
Student Directory: Organize gathering and updating of contact data for students and caregivers at beginning of year. Data enter, format, print, distribute Peralta directory via hard copy and email to community. Maintain current data in Calling Post telephone call system.
Talent Show: End of the year show (end of May/early June) showcasing student talent. In years past, a parent volunteer coordinated the show, this year it will continue to be coordinated by the PASEP program director and enrichment class teachers.
Technology Co-coordinator: Finds parents or other volunteers to address tech support needs for teachers/staff. Identifies sources of computers for families who may need them.
T-Shirt Coordinator: Duties: Responsible for keeping track of shirt/hoodie inventory, placing orders as necessary (one or two per year), preparing shirts for sale (rolling and putting on rubber bands), coordinating sales at PPTG events (numerous) and t-shirt days (2-3 per year). Can include designing new shirts for special events. Time commitment: Roughly 1-2 hours per month, plus 1-2 hours for each event involving shirt sales.
Walkathon Co-Coordinator How do you get 250 kids to walk around the block 20 times and raise money for the school? Put together pledge packets. Go to each class and try to get every child to participate. Buy lots of really cheap toys. Buy a bunch of “Superwalker” medals. Hand out one toy out each time they go around the block Hand out medals at the end. Remind everyone to turn in their pledges. Remind them again.
Wall / Magnet Calendar Co-coordinator: Work with principal and PPTG Chair to select art and solidify calendar of events. Manage vendor and production and distribution of magnets to student families
Webmaster /Website Coordinator Work with communication Co-chair and Peralta Web Team to keep PPTG’s website,, up to date with information for prospective and current parents. Provide access to PPTG coordinators to calendar, and work with person responsible for collecting broadcast news to get it distributed appropriately.
Webmaster (Yahoo Group Moderator): Maintains the PPTG Yahoo Groups email list ( Approves new members, removes old members, if requested. Maintains calendar, reminder function, and files on PPTG Yahoo Groups website. Sends emails reminding members of listserv protocol (rare). Time commitment: 2 hours per month.