Teachers & Staff

Principal Rosette Costello

Ms. Costello says that her goal is to create “a school that resonates with the beauty, the talents and the diversity of our students, parents/caregivers and staff.”  Ms. Rosette Costello, principal since 1996, is dedicated to building a strong academic program that also addresses the needs of the whole child.  She is committed to collaborating with parents, students and staff, and works hard to obtain outside resources for staff development, art and music instruction, and mental health services.  She holds a master’s degree in language and literacy from UC Berkeley, as well as degrees in developmental education and art.


2015/2016 Staff


Rosette Costello, phone (510) 597-4967

Main Office

Jan Seagren, School Secretary, phone (510) 654-7365

Support Staff

Paul Andrews, Custodian
Simone Brown-Roland, Noon Supervisor / Mentor
June Edwards, Noon Supervisor / Instructional Assistant / Mentor
Diana (Elaine) Everman, On-Site Substitute
Daniel Harris, Resource Specialist
Jonathan Hasak, Resource Specialist
Nick Reese, Physical Education Leader
Sonia Kreit-Spindt, Librarian / GATE Teacher / Title I Assistant
Bonnie Lockhart, Music Consultant
Trena Noval, Artist-in-Residence (digital)
Ellen Oppenheimer, Artist-in-Residence (visual)
Sonia Perez, Mentor
Katie DeFreez, Mentor
Lisa Beyer, Mentor
Danesse Price, Noon Supervisor / Mentor
David Tidball, Instrumental Music Teacher
Sherice Tyler, P.E.A.C.E. Program Site Coordinator
Asha Washington, Attendance Clerk / Noon Supervisor
Q B Williams, Music Consultant
Charlezetta Wilson, Custodian / Mentor

Classroom Teachers

Nina Behrsin (Room 103)
Camille Calica (Room 101)

Kindergarten/First Grade
Ann Arbogast (Room 102)

First Grade
Pam Lucker (Room 104)
Stephen Davis (Room 107)

Second Grade
Diane Colquhoun (Room 106)
Ann Larsen (Room 105)

Third Grade
Elisabeth Bandy (Room 108)
Marie Stewart (Room 109)

Fourth Grade
Susan Killebrew(Portable B)
Ana Thomas (Portable C)

Fifth Grade
SarahJayn Kemp (Portable E)
Jill Rogers (Portable D)