Diversity Dinner 2015 - Saturday November 7th

This free community celebration is a time to honor the wealth of diverse heritages and life experiences that enrich our community.

Pot-luck Supper

This is the heart of our celebration – just sitting and eating together. Bring an ample dish to share that reflects your family or cultural roots.

Dance Party!

DJ Denise will be bringing the funk for the after-dinner dance party!


Free face painting for kids! Free henna if we can find volunteers!

Let’s Get Fancy!

Wear something special that reminds you of your family or your culture. Or just wear that Halloween costume you were planning to get rid of.

We’ll have a Photo-booth to capture the fabulous-ness!

Don’t forget to bring your good spirits and good appetites!

The Diversity Dinner is hosted at Peralta Elementary on Saturday, November 5th, from 4:30-8pm.
For more information, contact Paolomee Udani.
To volunteer, visit the 2016 Diversity Dinner Volunteer List page to sign up.

The Diversity Dinner is a participatory potluck where Peralta families come together to share the abundance of their culinary origins. From banh mi to bi bim bap, quesadillas to kugel, this is our chance to appreciate the patchwork heritage that makes our school so vibrant. Everyone is invited and no fundraising is involved. Start thinking NOW about your favorite recipe.  The Diversity Dinner is brought to you by the Diversity-Unity Committee.

We do need your help to make this fun, family-friendly event happen. 

Diversity-Unity Committee

Peralta’s active Diversity-Unity Committee organizes educational and social events throughout the school year. It’s goal is to ensure that all families — regardless of background, family structure or circumstance — feel at home at Peralta. 

Committee Mission Statement

To build a school community where we learn from, celebrate, and grow our diversity. We honor each individual’s uniqueness and strive to bring our different experiences together to create peace, unity, and equity in our communities.

Our Work: Education, Advocacy, Building Community and Celebration


  • organizing educational forums to examine diversity and equity issues
  • supporting a curriculum around diversity and equity
  • practicing tools to solve problems that arise with families, teachers, and students


  • allocating resources to realize these goals
  • participating in the Leadership Council
  • advocating for the promotion of diversity at Peralta and OUSD

Building Community and Celebration

  • helping to build a diverse community of families, teachers and staff
  • sponsoring events that celebrate our diversity and unity
  • fostering a safe space for Peralta families and staff to explore difficult issues

Our Values

We believe our diversity is what makes our society strong. Peralta serves a community that is one of the most diverse in the world. In order to fully benefit from this strength, we must ensure equal access to the Peralta community for all and face the challenges that threaten our community’s great potential.

Our Vision

Our vision for the school is for all our members to value the dignity and worth of each of us and to commit to building an educational environment that promotes respect for others, appreciates individual and cultural differences, encourages social responsibility, and prepares our students to be leaders in an interdependent, and complex society.

Our Definition of Diversity

We define “diversity” in the broadest sense, including ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, physical, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identification and immigration status as well as outlook and perspective.

Our Invitation

If you believe, as we do, that helping our children to become informed, empowered advocates is the best way to start building a just future today, come join us! Contact Diversity-Unity Committee chair Paolomee Udani.

“I” is for individuality and “C” is for Community, When we come together in the places we live….Oh oh oh oh.

Dear Peralta Community,
I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop humming those words from the 5th graders’ performance of the Mosaic Project song or visualizing those kids with their fists in the air singing in Spanish about working for peace.  Los ninos are ‘el futuro’.  Those kids give me hope for the future, and they inspire me now.  I am proud of them, and I’m proud of us all for taking some time out from our jobs, our worries, our commitments, and yes, even our passion for soccer to come together in the place where we live.  (“oh oh oh oh”)
I want to send a multi-lingual thank you to the whole community for making the Diversity-Unity Committee’s 2010 Diversity Dinner such a multi-sensory, multi-cultural, multi-generational success.  As was the case last year, I found that one language does not express sufficiently the gratitude I feel and the thanks that are in order.  So….
The D-U Dance Party

The D-U Dance Party

Gracias to all those who attended Saturday’s dinner with good spirits and good appetites.
Arigato to those who brought dishes from their heritage, their family cookbooks, or their favorite take out spots.
Xie xie to those of you who shared your bounty even further by dropping canned goods in the food drive bins and/or who signed up for the meal train.
Shukran to those of you who haven’t yet but will participate in the meal train and food drive over the next few days.
Danke to the dozens of volunteers who helped set up, welcome, serve, guard, craft and clean.
Toda to those who donated or acquired donations of furniture, heat lamps, or coffee (or all of the above ala Sonia Perez )
Merci to Rosette and Paul who allowed and enabled us to transform the school site into a night cafe/club/wall ball court.
TYSVM to DJ DelicaTess’n aka Tess Unger for taking requests and serving up the platters.
Salamat to the Diversity-Unity Committee and the dinner sub-committee (see below), many of whom put in countless hours of prep work to create such a special night.
Mahalo to the entire Peralta community.  I am truly grateful to be part of such a diverse community united in our desire to give all our children the best education possible and in so doing enrich our lives all the more.
I hope you are inspired to seek out more of what the Diversity/Unity Committee does to come together in this place we share.   Stay tuned for more community building, advocacy, and education!
With love,
Marjorie Stamper-Kurn
Diversity-Unity Committee Chair