Our wonderful school has been recognized for its brilliance by the US Dept. of Education! We have been awarded a National Blue Ribbon School Award. Kudos to Rosette and the amazing teachers and staff. Also to the entire school community for doing such a wonderful job of creating and maintaing a successful, thriving school for our children. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program (BRSP) recognizes elementary and secondary schools that are both academically superior and have demonstrated dramatic gains in student achievement, while serving an economically disadvantaged population of students. Schools recognized through the BRSP are national models of excellence for other schools to emulate. All of the 2011 nominees were either previous California Distinguished Schools or California Title I Academic Achieving Award schools.

Peralta was 1 of 21 California schools, and only 1 of 2 Alameda County schools recognized.

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A post from Christopher Waters, a former Peralta parent who organized the memorial fund campaign for Adam Williams' family:

With your generosity, our campaign in support of Adam's family has crossed the $10,000 mark. With 203 (and counting) contributors (including some students who raided their piggy banks) giving what they could -- as little as $2 and as much as $250 -- the average donation comes to less than $50 per contribution.

This truly grassroots display of support has touched this family beyond words, as have the over 100 messages of sympathy and encouragement you have sent. Thank you all for you kindness of heart and generosity of spirit. Remember there are two days left until the campaign ends Friday, May 6, so pass the word to others. After the 4% fundraising fee from IndieGoGo and the 3% bank processing fee, the current $10,060 translates to $9355.80 for the family. Thanks to you, Adam will receive a proper burial and his family will have some options for supporting themselves and Adam's wonderful son, Amari, through this difficult time.

Click here for the memorial fund campaign.

Note: North Oakland City Council member Jane Brunner adjourned Wednesday's City Council meeting with a few words of appreciation and a moment of silence in member of Adam Williams and his friend Bill "Jake" Jenkins.

Here is a two-minute clip of the remarks by Directors Spearman, London and Yee at last week's school board meeting:

Adam Williams & Bill Jenkins Remembered at Oakland School Board Meeting, Wed., April 27, 2011: http://bit.ly/jLbQ5w

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There is a new lost and found rack that will hopefully control the clutter and chaos that has threatened to take over the hallway outside the library. Please take frequent looks through the clothing and help the items find their homes. And in the interest of having the children be responsible for their own stuff, encourage your student to have a look through the lost and found as well. Please mark all items with your child's name. The lost and found barrel has been retired. All items that were in the barrel were placed on the rack at the Diversity Dinner. Moving forward, the lost and found inventory will not grow beyond what can fit on the rack. And that means hanging on the rack, not piled on top. Anything in excess of that capacity will be sent to a local charity, the first delivery of said excess was to occur the week before the Thanksgiving break.

Let's keep the Lost and Found Monster under control.

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All families interested in Peralta for the 2010-11 school year are invited to an open house hosted by the Peralta Parent Teacher Group on Thursday, Dec. 3. This is an informational evening for prospective families of incoming kindergartners or transfer students to hear details on Peralta's programs. Parents, several teachers, and Principal Rosette Costello will be available to answer questions.

Parents are asked to leave children at home if possible, but limited childcare is available in the library for those who are unable to make other arrangements. No prior reservation is required.

School tours are available twice weekly from 9-10 a.m. Click here for more information on tours and how to enroll.

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