Gates open at noon for our fabulous spring festival. We'll see you there!

A few last minute reminders:
  • Programs went home in backpacks today. Check out the full schedule of events.
  • We'll of course be selling a great new set of shirts with this year's logo at the event, in all sizes. They will be on sale for cash near the ticket booth.
  • We're offering kids the chance to screen their own clothing as well! Bringing your shirt to screen is a great form of re-use. The paints that we're using are non-toxic, and will not hurt the drains or bay.
  • We'll have extra shirts for those who forget theirs. Bring old clothes to donate.
  • Bring lots of cash for tickets—kids burn through them fast!
  • Don't forget your cake.
  • Other reminders? Bring your own fork! The pork is smoking tonight.
AuthorSteve Mundro

Spring is here and Peralta in Bloom is just around the corner! Don't forget to invite your friends to the festival on Saturday, May 14 from noon to 4 p.m. It's guaranteed that they'll have a blast. This year's expanded celebration includes many new wonderful games and events, as well as old favorites like the bouncy house, climbing walls, pulled pork barbecue and the unforgettable Peralta Cake Walk.


This year's theme is Sustainable Fun, and you'll see activities centered on reuse, recycling, and our love of gardens scattered throughout events. Our goal again is zero waste, and the Peralta trash monsters will make a repeat appearance to gobble compostables.

A few opportunities to help:

We'll be painting signs at Peralta this Saturday, May 7th during garden work day (9:00am-1:00pm). Sign painting will take place from 9:30am-10:30am. Help beautify the school grounds for Peralta in Bloom!

We need your shade structures for Spring Fest: market umbrellas & stands, canopies, etc. They can be dropped off at school in the mornings to me or arrangements can be made for them to be picked-up. Either way please contact Cinthia Andrus (cc_andrus AT yahoo DOT com).

We have some large Peralta in Bloom posters that can be put up in preschools, churches, community centers, etc. Pick them up from the PPTG Mailbox in the office.

Volunteer for just 1 hour at Peralta in Bloom, you can sign-up at school this Wednesday night at the PPTG Meeting or at Friday morning's "Brewing Community."

AuthorSteve Mundro

Join us this Thursday at an open meeting for Peralta parents interested in helping coordinate and contribute ideas to this year's spring festival. Peralta in Bloom is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, and will celebrate spring, re-use and recycling. Contribute your ideas and expertise! Thursday, March 17th

7:00pm - 8:30pm

email dabrownstein AT gmail DOT com for location.

Children are Welcome!!!

Potluck dinner will be served--please bring a beverage, appetizer, or desert to share!

-Daniel Brownstein and Cinthia Andrus, Peralta in Bloom coordinators

AuthorSteve Mundro