Did you start the school year with good intentions to help Peralta kids get their greens? Did you start the new year with good intentions for your family to eat healthy? Good news, it's not too late to realize your intentions! Yes, you can sign up to work a salad bar shift! Shift can be from noon-1pm! You can meet the 4th graders who help out in the kitchens and encourage the kids to try bell peppers, chickpeas and satsumas! Did you know that a handful of parents are keeping the salad bar going by volunteering one lunch every week? A weekly commitment isn't necessary, however. This is an all-volunteer effort. Let's show our gratitude by volunteering for a shift.

It's not too late! Sign up today!

Contact Rose (molloy510 AT gmail DOT com) and get that resolution started.

AuthorSteve Mundro