Peralta Fund -

  • We got to 81%!
  • We need to update the ice cream party poster because that's what the kids pay attention to.
  • We are having the ice cream party.  OUSD policy allows for one event a year that isn't focused on healthy snacks.

Walkathon -

  • Co-Chair Scotia Miller reports that air quality is looking good, and we're great on volunteers (we need 12 more adults; 5 more alums).
  • We have enough donated books - they'll be in the garden amphitheater as a lap prize.
  • Food trucks looking good.
  • Fundraising is a little lower than last year.
  • Should we be pushing it more?  An email a day.
  • Lap prizes - T-shirts with the shoe design; pre-filled water bottles (new design).
  • We were slow on donation volunteers this year, so we missed the opportunity to get Whole Foods/Safeway/Trader Joe's fruit donations.
  • But we may try for the $40 that Berkeley Bowl is willing to give annually - for oranges.
  • Thank you to the Co-Chairs - a model for other PPTG events!

Middle School Info Night - tomorrow night

Diversity Dinner - Welcoming Dinner

  • An idea for having a professional photographer to take family photos that can be shared around the school.
  • Posters - let's repaint two of them to indicate "Welcoming Dinner" - "Welcome Dinner"?
  • The committee wants to call everyone to invite them?
  • "Welcome" isn't meant as a comparison to prior years to imply previously unwelcoming.  It's about a welcome environment in light of DACA and other national issues.
  • Collaboration between Diversity Dinner and Racial Social Justice Group; coherent messaging.
  • Maybe there will be a "Power" month in February.

Pumpkin Patch -

  • it's happening!  We had thought it was a donation, but we may have paid in the past.  We'll wait to see if the guy bills us.

K Open House and Tours

  • Fewer tours this year because we realized that other schools don't do as much.


  • The form that went home worked!  A lot of people signed up for things like Salad Bar and other things.


  • It will probably be March 10 at the Humanist Hall (not March 17) - we should tell people the date.  Let's make sure we get confirmation from Humanist.
  • Co-Chairs - Jen and Kiara (5th grade parents).

OUSD Budget Update

  • OUSD has already asked schools to limit spending on supplies, so Ms. Hendrie is planning to order the amount of paper we'll need to make it through the year.

No December or January PPTG Meetings, unless something comes up.  The LC will still meet.

AuthorSteve Mundro

Meet and Greet w/ Ms. Giselle

  • Introductions

Copier Update

  • Ms. Giselle - Thank you PPTG for the donation
  • District has the money; requisition request has been made; Toshiba knows the 3 copiers we want; we are responsible for both purchasing and maintenance
  • We will purchase 55 pages per minute copiers (18k) and leave some 3K for maintenance (that’s how we will use 22k)
  • Some of the additional money can be used for field trip costs (big overnights in the higher grades) since no grant has been received this year for field trips
  • Some of the funding was lost since we lost Title I funding last year

Heart & Balance Therapists

  • Organizations that provide service on the campus must be registered as partners
  • Heart & Balance is in the process of becoming registered partners of the district
  • Then they will be authorized to provide service
  • Juliana - In the past there has been MOU in place between H & B and district since their first time

Livescan Event

  • 40+ people came
  • Some new faces 😊
  • The person from Livescan was fast and efficient
  • Request same person to come in during Garden day next year
  • Any chances of getting TB test on campus


  • Almost there
  • 92% of them in
  • Confirmation email to go out and then off to printing

Peralta Fund

  • Got some corporate matching
  • Super close to target already (137K so far and target is 140 K)


  • Getting branded useful prizes
  • New feature – book donation for prizes
  • Same food trucks as last year: Mexican and Steak food
  • Tables and Chair donated by same Peralta parent

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Looking good on many big asks
  • We missed sending out volunteer form in the welcome packets
  • We may send the form home still
  • Need – salad bar and garden workday
  • May need push for salad bar recruitment – PPTG Chair will send email


  • No auction chairs for 2017-2018 yet
  • 3 people signed up for major slots but no one for chair
  • Work for the auction would start October or later and peak in February
  • Next action - A louder ask for auction chairs / committee before thinking about a backup plan

Oct PPTG Meeting topics

  • An outside speaker
  • Ice cream party
  • Picture day alternatives?
AuthorSteve Mundro

Staffing Updates

  • Current secretary is temporary
  • The permanent secretary will start in December
  • Thursday before school starts we found out that Ms. Danesse is leaving; Jamillah for after care is new K aide and the new after school hire will be K aide. These 2 new aides are replacing Katie DeFriez and Daneese
  • Ms. Larranga and Ms. Stewart are sharing 5th grade class because Ms. Larranga is using maternity leave. Ms. Larranaga 3 days/wk Ms. Stewart 2 days/wk until December. Then Ms. Larranaga full-time.

Welcome Packets

  • Feedback on all white color papers – cumbersome for Ms June – may be?

Incoming Families

  • Incoming families seem very informed and happy
  • It helped to have Ms. Sherice at the orientation
  • Had 2 out of 4 parties – they went well

Back to School Night

  • Peralta fund – ready for the back to school night pitch in classrooms
  • Room parents needed for certain classrooms
  • Peralta Directory – need to collect some information on incoming families

The copiers

  • Handed the check for copiers – requisition number for this week
  • So, we may have to keep Ricoh copiers longer – this will have budget implications
  • Must continue paying for leasing Ricoh copiers until OUSD requisition process goes through - could take a month or so

September Volunteer Fair

  • Volunteer coordinators
    • Emailing event heads to confirm they are ready
    • No Auction Chair
    • Grant / Sponsorship writers?

Contracts: K/Aide, Heart and Balance

  • Gates / Nuts / Volunteer: Need to do a lot "by the book" with the new principal - as a new principal, she is under a lot more scrutiny from the district to do things the right way
  • Contracts need to be more specific – not vague as previous years
  • Heart and Balance therapists – contract with OUSD and PPTG will pay for it. Heart and Balance will become an OUSD partner. PPTG may need to go through a certification program to become OUSD partner
  • Student of the month program – we want to continue!

The gates / security protocol

  • Questions for this can be submitted to be discussed in the September PPTG meeting – suggestion to Giselle by PPTG

Other business?

PPTG Meeting Topics

  • New principal
  • Volunteer fair
  • October 
    • Peralta Rising? Or more "get to know you" with new principal?
  • November
    • Some of the November meeting for PRJSG
  • December
    • Cookies and fun in the meeting - Eleanor won't be available.
AuthorSteve Mundro

New Principal

  • Selected!! From Oakland School of Arts – Giselle Hendrie
  • We have PPTG meeting in August where we will pass the budget
  • The new principal will attend the September PPTG meeting
  • The volunteer fair will be held in September PPTG meeting

Other staffing changes

  • New secretary – Kimberly Saechao, on maternity leave through December
  • Interim long-term sub secretary - most likely Jessica Ramirez from Hillcrest

Early care

  • Available starting this coming year: 2017/2018
  • Reka from P.E.A.C.E committed for this
  • Need to get the word out to families quickly so they don't make other plans for care - Communications?


  • We won the grant of $17k for the art program – there are some complications with the existing Insurance
  • Plan to change to Great American Insurance
  • Need help answering questions on the form


  • District used to lease copiers to school and pay for maintenance
  • We had to take over maintenance
  • OUSD decided not to lease copiers this year onwards
  • OUSD has a contract with Toshiba for buying copiers
  • Schools must pay for their own copiers
  • Need to decide whether we can continue leasing Ricoh copiers for one more year or buy new copiers
  • Need to find out what the maintenance cost will be on the new copiers

Diversity / Unity Committee

  • This committee under this name has not been very active this year - more energy in the new Peralta Racial Justice Study Group. Should take D/U COmmittee info down off the website, so the website reflects what's actually happening at Peralta right now. 
  • However, there is a lot of interest in having the Diversity Dinner event
  • Plan to bring the dinner as a singular event back on the calendar (first week of November)
  • Need to recruit a volunteer (or volunteers!) to be Diveristy Dinner Coordinator - just do the dinner. 

Garden days:

  • First Garden Day – Saturday, August 12th
  • Second Garden day – Saturday, September 9th
    • Livescan Fingerprinting available for people interested in volunteering (If you have got this done last year then you should be good till 2020)
  • Garden day – Saturday, December 9th
    • K tour for the next academic year

New PPTG volunteers:

  • Joy & Bryce - New Volunteer Coordinators
  • Kristel Weaver - New Quartermaster: Quartermaster is responsible for stocking the inventory closet (plates; forks; etc.)
  • Need Google Groups coordinator before school starts! - Bryce and Joy are working on this
AuthorSteve Mundro

10 adults

Peralta in Bloom Update- 

Rough total.  $9000 ticket sales. $4700 for sponsers.  A little $ from pizza, t-shirts

Karen bought 10,000 tix and ran out by 1:30.  Could tix go up to $1/tix?

Should price of quilt go up to $2/tix?

No karaoke or photo booth this year.   The band played for free. 

David would do it again next year but wants a shadow.

Went well.  Parents are willing to pitch in.  Not every school is like that.


Volunteer Openings-

Auction Chairs, etc.

Mr. Davis’ cylinder party is so popular that maybe it could be on the weekend as to not hurt kids feelings of the aftercare kids who see the party happening.

Secretary needs to write a letter to the bank when the treasurer changes and when the

 secretary or any other officer changes we need to notify the state.

Incoming Families- We have volunteers for the three aspects of this. 

Colby park play dates…every Saturday for the three Saturdays before school, or maybe one

 Sunday?  Options are good.  Do we need more than 3 dates?   Can the pptg cover bagels, coffee

 for the play dates.


LC End of Year Party-

Chris Morreas set up the date and location.  But maybe we could do it in late

 June or July since the end of the school year is so chaotic?   It is nice to celebrate some of the

 volunteers that don’t get much recognition.

Draft Budget- a rough draft of the budget

More $ to come from peralta in bloom, quilt, etc.  But peralta fund is down.  No good

 explanation.  Merchant donations down a bit. 

Can we send a peralta fund reminder,  i.e. Check to see if your card has expired.  Or if you got a new card….


Asks vs. reminder.  Can we email the whole reoccurring group?

Check in with ryann about follow up?  Can Lo Lo be in charge of that?

Should we talk about the budget to the greater population more often? Quarterly?

Garden is getting more funding because the grant is done.

Therapists have asked for more.

Classroom supplies…what if we portioned out $500/class??

Can we ask parents to buy classroom items for specific classroom?  Better if we don’t go by specific classrooms so no one gets their feelings hurt. 

Is this the budget we want to present at the pptg meeting as the provisional budget?


June PPTG Agenda?

Go over the budget.  We don’t pass the budget til august.



AuthorSteve Mundro