Drew, Kristel, Megan, Lolo, Ashley, Ellie, Paolomee, Chris M., Greg L.

Welcoming Dinner:

September 15, 2018, 4:00 p.m.

Planning Meeting? Next week TBD with Ashley, Paolomee, Ellie (was on August 22, but might be changed because of Ms. Osmond’s separate, conflicting back to school night)

Kristel submitted a facilities form, which triggers requesting James to be a custodian for the event (probably 2:00-9:00).

Kristel will tell Charlzetta that the planning group will be leaving things on the school grounds on the Friday ahead of time.

Budget for the event is from the RJSG line on the PPTG budget.  The LC doesn’t want to micromanage how the RJSG money is spent, so it’s up to the group to decide what to spend on and what to spread out for the rest of the year.

This year we’ll have a parent photographer.

Ashley has reached out to Samara to repeat the dance program, but if that doesn’t work, we could ask Paula or someone else at Destiny Arts.

For paper plates, can email Joy Gray, Quartermaster.  Ashley will check the existing supply this weekend during Garden Work Day.


The email for getting announcements that go out to the school community (usually the deadline is Thursday night for Friday’s email) - Send to: Communications@peraltaschool.org.

Raquel Maria Dillon will be working on communications, with Wendy Taubler.

(Pamela Waxman is going to focus on sponsorships instead of communications.)

Staffing Updates:

Carmen, new front desk administrative support, is working out well.

Cory, instructional support, is leaving, which may lead to some shifting roles and hours among staff, but PPTG won’t be paying more.

Will Smith, our new gardener, will not be there for the first Garden Work Day.


Giselle met with Garden Coordinators (Suzanne, Christa), who are trying to get better support from the parents.

Ideas - try to get a “garden parent” from each class; promote stewardship aspect, we all need to chip in; get good attendance at the first one to get momentum; perhaps assign different areas of the garden to different classes.

Are Sundays better than Saturdays?  We can propose to the Garden Coordinators.

Combine with the Brewing group?

Question of whether we could have skateboarding during Garden Work Day?  We are waiting on answers from our insurance provider.  And there are questions of whether it would help or harm Garden Work Day.

Feedback on Incoming Events:

-Orientation (Saturday August 11, morning)

    -maybe next time if we want more current parents, or LC folks, invite them

    -or it’s also fine to not overwhelm people, and just cover the basics

    -maybe we should make next year’s first Garden Work Day during that initial orientation to demonstrate the involvement in the garden

-Class List Posting at Colby Park (Sunday August 12, 4:00-6:00 p.m.)

    -people enjoyed it outside 

-Welcome Packets

    -many didn’t get them, so we need to work on the messaging to the staff for next year (because they weren’t handed out - it was optional and it wasn’t clear that people should take it)

-next year have parent volunteers facilitate at registration (this year, we didn’t get enough volunteers and/or people had conflicts)

    -Let’s take all the extras and give them out at Back to School Night

    -And we’d like to have more parent volunteers at the registration to figure out

    -New Plan:  Give out the extras at Back to School Night, but get the Peralta Fund forms out ASAP (Lolo to work on this)



Forms to Paolomee, who will input new families prior to Back to School Night

Vivek is helping with Google Groups

Proposal to reconsider what Vivek presented at the end of last school year about an alternative software program that could make certain things easier.


Back to School Night:

Peralta Fund - working on correcting the mistake with the handouts that were supposed to go out at registration, so people get that info.

Fund Spokespeople - Lolo working to have someone for each class.

Megan will be the point person for the spokespeople to meet and get their talking points and PPTG checks for the people.  Greg will give Megan the checks in the PPTG mailbox.  Lolo will give Megan the list of speakers.


Fingerprinting this Saturday (during Garden Work Day):

Megan and Kristel will volunteer 10:00 - 1:00


PPTG Volunteer Fair:

September 5, 2018

Each group will speak about their group.



We really need an Auction Chair.

Strategy for the Volunteer Fair - Get Stacy and Peter’s chart of division of labor and talk to people ahead of time to see if we can fill in their names, so that it shows that many key roles are filled.


Field Trip Funding:

Ask the teachers about their field trip plans for planning purposes.

Continued plan from last year to focus on parent drivers instead of buses (the cost saving measure implemented last year) - all the more reason to make sure parents are doing the fingerpringing

Other Business:

Annual filing of information with the CA Secretary of State - Drew to ask Suzy

GSuite Account - Drew will follow up, and ask Christa

Oakland Ed Fund - Greg and Drew following up


Next LC Meeting:

Megan’s House - 482 58th Street

September 19

AuthorPamela Waxman

PPTG chairs: Kristel & Drew

Budget Update

  • Good news: OUSD budget cuts to be made centrally and not from school site budgets for now.

  • Bad news: We budgeted $17K from art grants. Peralta did not get these grants this year.

  • Hopeful news: Peralta Rising fund (money received from Indian tribe a few years back). Should we take out money from the Peralta Rising fund? Balance is currently $84K is in CDs. This fund was one of the reasons we did not get art grant. Consensus is to take out some money from Peralta Rising and use towards technology and capital expenses to fill up the hole caused by lack of art grants and other misc. things. Need to get approval at Aug PPTG meeting to add technology and repairs to uses for the fund and to pass budget using $10k this year.

  • Other highlights:

    • Aides will cost more because will be paid through Oakland Ed fund to be legal employees

    • STIP sub costs 4K more than initial budgeted due to benefits/health insurance


  • Only the three K grade classes will get aides this year

  • Will follow up with Giselle and K teachers on which three aides will continue on

Payment for aides; STIB sub’s and coach:

  • STIPs – Coach, Sonia P & Sonia K

  • Ms. Evermen is covered by site budget

  • Ellen & new garden educator (Will Smith) will be paid by PPTG via invoicing

  • We pay Oakland ed-fund and Oakland ed-fund pays for the aides, with standard witholdings

Registration Plan

  • Different registration plan this year

  • Kristel is organizing forms on website

  • Forms for new students

  • Forms for returning students

  • Forms can be printed out / filled and brought to the school for registration or filled in there

  • Use multiple ways to share information flyers: web / printed copies in backpacks / at registration

  • Parents and children can know the classroom / teacher during registration

  • Coach will be heading morning care instead of EBAC providing it. How do we charge? Voluntary contributions for morning care? Christa will help with accounting.

Welcome House Parties

Shannon Tracey is coordinating this, looking for families to host parties at their houses

Peralta Fund

  • Lolo is heading this

  • Have or not have – ice cream party? Alternatives?

AuthorSteve Mundro

Peralta Fund -

  • We got to 81%!
  • We need to update the ice cream party poster because that's what the kids pay attention to.
  • We are having the ice cream party.  OUSD policy allows for one event a year that isn't focused on healthy snacks.

Walkathon -

  • Co-Chair Scotia Miller reports that air quality is looking good, and we're great on volunteers (we need 12 more adults; 5 more alums).
  • We have enough donated books - they'll be in the garden amphitheater as a lap prize.
  • Food trucks looking good.
  • Fundraising is a little lower than last year.
  • Should we be pushing it more?  An email a day.
  • Lap prizes - T-shirts with the shoe design; pre-filled water bottles (new design).
  • We were slow on donation volunteers this year, so we missed the opportunity to get Whole Foods/Safeway/Trader Joe's fruit donations.
  • But we may try for the $40 that Berkeley Bowl is willing to give annually - for oranges.
  • Thank you to the Co-Chairs - a model for other PPTG events!

Middle School Info Night - tomorrow night

Diversity Dinner - Welcoming Dinner

  • An idea for having a professional photographer to take family photos that can be shared around the school.
  • Posters - let's repaint two of them to indicate "Welcoming Dinner" - "Welcome Dinner"?
  • The committee wants to call everyone to invite them?
  • "Welcome" isn't meant as a comparison to prior years to imply previously unwelcoming.  It's about a welcome environment in light of DACA and other national issues.
  • Collaboration between Diversity Dinner and Racial Social Justice Group; coherent messaging.
  • Maybe there will be a "Power" month in February.

Pumpkin Patch -

  • it's happening!  We had thought it was a donation, but we may have paid in the past.  We'll wait to see if the guy bills us.

K Open House and Tours

  • Fewer tours this year because we realized that other schools don't do as much.


  • The form that went home worked!  A lot of people signed up for things like Salad Bar and other things.


  • It will probably be March 10 at the Humanist Hall (not March 17) - we should tell people the date.  Let's make sure we get confirmation from Humanist.
  • Co-Chairs - Jen and Kiara (5th grade parents).

OUSD Budget Update

  • OUSD has already asked schools to limit spending on supplies, so Ms. Hendrie is planning to order the amount of paper we'll need to make it through the year.

No December or January PPTG Meetings, unless something comes up.  The LC will still meet.

AuthorSteve Mundro

Meet and Greet w/ Ms. Giselle

  • Introductions

Copier Update

  • Ms. Giselle - Thank you PPTG for the donation
  • District has the money; requisition request has been made; Toshiba knows the 3 copiers we want; we are responsible for both purchasing and maintenance
  • We will purchase 55 pages per minute copiers (18k) and leave some 3K for maintenance (that’s how we will use 22k)
  • Some of the additional money can be used for field trip costs (big overnights in the higher grades) since no grant has been received this year for field trips
  • Some of the funding was lost since we lost Title I funding last year

Heart & Balance Therapists

  • Organizations that provide service on the campus must be registered as partners
  • Heart & Balance is in the process of becoming registered partners of the district
  • Then they will be authorized to provide service
  • Juliana - In the past there has been MOU in place between H & B and district since their first time

Livescan Event

  • 40+ people came
  • Some new faces 😊
  • The person from Livescan was fast and efficient
  • Request same person to come in during Garden day next year
  • Any chances of getting TB test on campus


  • Almost there
  • 92% of them in
  • Confirmation email to go out and then off to printing

Peralta Fund

  • Got some corporate matching
  • Super close to target already (137K so far and target is 140 K)


  • Getting branded useful prizes
  • New feature – book donation for prizes
  • Same food trucks as last year: Mexican and Steak food
  • Tables and Chair donated by same Peralta parent

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Looking good on many big asks
  • We missed sending out volunteer form in the welcome packets
  • We may send the form home still
  • Need – salad bar and garden workday
  • May need push for salad bar recruitment – PPTG Chair will send email


  • No auction chairs for 2017-2018 yet
  • 3 people signed up for major slots but no one for chair
  • Work for the auction would start October or later and peak in February
  • Next action - A louder ask for auction chairs / committee before thinking about a backup plan

Oct PPTG Meeting topics

  • An outside speaker
  • Ice cream party
  • Picture day alternatives?
AuthorSteve Mundro

Staffing Updates

  • Current secretary is temporary
  • The permanent secretary will start in December
  • Thursday before school starts we found out that Ms. Danesse is leaving; Jamillah for after care is new K aide and the new after school hire will be K aide. These 2 new aides are replacing Katie DeFriez and Daneese
  • Ms. Larranga and Ms. Stewart are sharing 5th grade class because Ms. Larranga is using maternity leave. Ms. Larranaga 3 days/wk Ms. Stewart 2 days/wk until December. Then Ms. Larranaga full-time.

Welcome Packets

  • Feedback on all white color papers – cumbersome for Ms June – may be?

Incoming Families

  • Incoming families seem very informed and happy
  • It helped to have Ms. Sherice at the orientation
  • Had 2 out of 4 parties – they went well

Back to School Night

  • Peralta fund – ready for the back to school night pitch in classrooms
  • Room parents needed for certain classrooms
  • Peralta Directory – need to collect some information on incoming families

The copiers

  • Handed the check for copiers – requisition number for this week
  • So, we may have to keep Ricoh copiers longer – this will have budget implications
  • Must continue paying for leasing Ricoh copiers until OUSD requisition process goes through - could take a month or so

September Volunteer Fair

  • Volunteer coordinators
    • Emailing event heads to confirm they are ready
    • No Auction Chair
    • Grant / Sponsorship writers?

Contracts: K/Aide, Heart and Balance

  • Gates / Nuts / Volunteer: Need to do a lot "by the book" with the new principal - as a new principal, she is under a lot more scrutiny from the district to do things the right way
  • Contracts need to be more specific – not vague as previous years
  • Heart and Balance therapists – contract with OUSD and PPTG will pay for it. Heart and Balance will become an OUSD partner. PPTG may need to go through a certification program to become OUSD partner
  • Student of the month program – we want to continue!

The gates / security protocol

  • Questions for this can be submitted to be discussed in the September PPTG meeting – suggestion to Giselle by PPTG

Other business?

PPTG Meeting Topics

  • New principal
  • Volunteer fair
  • October 
    • Peralta Rising? Or more "get to know you" with new principal?
  • November
    • Some of the November meeting for PRJSG
  • December
    • Cookies and fun in the meeting - Eleanor won't be available.
AuthorSteve Mundro