New Principal

  • Selected!! From Oakland School of Arts – Giselle Hendrie
  • We have PPTG meeting in August where we will pass the budget
  • The new principal will attend the September PPTG meeting
  • The volunteer fair will be held in September PPTG meeting

Other staffing changes

  • New secretary – Kimberly Saechao, on maternity leave through December
  • Interim long-term sub secretary - most likely Jessica Ramirez from Hillcrest

Early care

  • Available starting this coming year: 2017/2018
  • Reka from P.E.A.C.E committed for this
  • Need to get the word out to families quickly so they don't make other plans for care - Communications?


  • We won the grant of $17k for the art program – there are some complications with the existing Insurance
  • Plan to change to Great American Insurance
  • Need help answering questions on the form


  • District used to lease copiers to school and pay for maintenance
  • We had to take over maintenance
  • OUSD decided not to lease copiers this year onwards
  • OUSD has a contract with Toshiba for buying copiers
  • Schools must pay for their own copiers
  • Need to decide whether we can continue leasing Ricoh copiers for one more year or buy new copiers
  • Need to find out what the maintenance cost will be on the new copiers

Diversity / Unity Committee

  • This committee under this name has not been very active this year - more energy in the new Peralta Racial Justice Study Group. Should take D/U COmmittee info down off the website, so the website reflects what's actually happening at Peralta right now. 
  • However, there is a lot of interest in having the Diversity Dinner event
  • Plan to bring the dinner as a singular event back on the calendar (first week of November)
  • Need to recruit a volunteer (or volunteers!) to be Diveristy Dinner Coordinator - just do the dinner. 

Garden days:

  • First Garden Day – Saturday, August 12th
  • Second Garden day – Saturday, September 9th
    • Livescan Fingerprinting available for people interested in volunteering (If you have got this done last year then you should be good till 2020)
  • Garden day – Saturday, December 9th
    • K tour for the next academic year

New PPTG volunteers:

  • Joy & Bryce - New Volunteer Coordinators
  • Kristel Weaver - New Quartermaster: Quartermaster is responsible for stocking the inventory closet (plates; forks; etc.)
  • Need Google Groups coordinator before school starts! - Bryce and Joy are working on this
AuthorSteve Mundro

10 adults

Peralta in Bloom Update- 

Rough total.  $9000 ticket sales. $4700 for sponsers.  A little $ from pizza, t-shirts

Karen bought 10,000 tix and ran out by 1:30.  Could tix go up to $1/tix?

Should price of quilt go up to $2/tix?

No karaoke or photo booth this year.   The band played for free. 

David would do it again next year but wants a shadow.

Went well.  Parents are willing to pitch in.  Not every school is like that.


Volunteer Openings-

Auction Chairs, etc.

Mr. Davis’ cylinder party is so popular that maybe it could be on the weekend as to not hurt kids feelings of the aftercare kids who see the party happening.

Secretary needs to write a letter to the bank when the treasurer changes and when the

 secretary or any other officer changes we need to notify the state.

Incoming Families- We have volunteers for the three aspects of this. 

Colby park play dates…every Saturday for the three Saturdays before school, or maybe one

 Sunday?  Options are good.  Do we need more than 3 dates?   Can the pptg cover bagels, coffee

 for the play dates.


LC End of Year Party-

Chris Morreas set up the date and location.  But maybe we could do it in late

 June or July since the end of the school year is so chaotic?   It is nice to celebrate some of the

 volunteers that don’t get much recognition.

Draft Budget- a rough draft of the budget

More $ to come from peralta in bloom, quilt, etc.  But peralta fund is down.  No good

 explanation.  Merchant donations down a bit. 

Can we send a peralta fund reminder,  i.e. Check to see if your card has expired.  Or if you got a new card….


Asks vs. reminder.  Can we email the whole reoccurring group?

Check in with ryann about follow up?  Can Lo Lo be in charge of that?

Should we talk about the budget to the greater population more often? Quarterly?

Garden is getting more funding because the grant is done.

Therapists have asked for more.

Classroom supplies…what if we portioned out $500/class??

Can we ask parents to buy classroom items for specific classroom?  Better if we don’t go by specific classrooms so no one gets their feelings hurt. 

Is this the budget we want to present at the pptg meeting as the provisional budget?


June PPTG Agenda?

Go over the budget.  We don’t pass the budget til august.



AuthorSteve Mundro

8 adults


Auction Update

Sliding scale on tickets and babysitting offer where the proceeds go to the auction are both interesting new ideas that seem to be working.

Ben’s heading up the bar

Amy Ortega catering the auction

**Needs….Saturday we need a truck to haul some games from Peralta to Humanist Hall.

Maybe uhaul rental. 

There seems to be less communication this year. 

Trying to get pizza volunteered for the Saturday daytime volunteers.


Sold 140 tickets so far.  Average payment is $20-30.  Last year price was $25

$10-$60 seems to be working. 

How much did we sell in advance last year vs. at the door?

They are hiring some of the same tech volunteers from last year to help with registration

NOCCS parents might be helping since we help them.


Volunteer Needs/Transitions

If anyone is leaving there volunteer role, now is a good time to find a replacement so that they can shadow you a little.



April PPTG Agenda

April 12th

Auction Recap

Immigrant Family Defense Fund

Is sanctuary school discussed at school?  Perhaps sharing OUSD’s policy about it so that parents know what to say when their kids have questions

SBAC test info

Peralta in Bloom


Hosts for future LC Meetings:

April 19, May 17



Upcoming in April:

Spring Break April 3-7

SBAC Testing Window starts April 10

(Joy Gray is buying snacks so the kids can have some nourishment.)

Secretaries’ Appreciation Day, April 26- gift and card

Teachers Appreciation Day, May 2

Quilt Raffle


Other Announcements:

The Resurrection of Box Tops for Education

-Bryce Breslin is going to head it.


Peralta in Bloom Update-things are already moving forward on this…

There are people in lead roles.  David, Anthony & Richard

May 13th


Racial Justice Study group-

Meet about once a month.  Similar conversations to DU committee.

Tentative-Series of living room conversations.  Research specific questions and then come together to discuss.

Good questions are being asked. 

Can they give an update at a pptg meeting?


Charles Wilson, from OUSD, recently spoke at a school board meeting about the possibilities of having an equatable school system.

How do we create great education for everyone?  How do we get people to stay in the public school?  People spoke about their options process experience.

OUSD is reaching out to families that have left OUSD to find out why. 



In April treasurers will meet with Eleanor to talk next years budget.

May 31st will be the June PPTG meeting

June LC meeting is normally a party for volunteers at two mile wine as a thank you…

Chris will organize.




AuthorSteve Mundro

PPTG LC Meeting
Attendance: 7

Budget Update

  • OUSD budget is not catastrophic!! (In spite of published reports that OUSD has a huge hole in their budget.)
  • The budget that we have been given is pretty much the same as last year, minus the STIP-sub. For the past three years, OUSD has never granted us the STIP sub and then we always get her funded in appeals.

Budget YTD - OUSD

  • Computer supply/support was a concern and it no longer is.
  • Classroom supply/computer support is 10-15% over, but no big deal.
  • 5th graders are going on an overnight next week (replacing MOSAIC) and teachers need to be stipended
  • Jan’s beginning of the year hours will come out of discrepancy fund

New Treasurers!

  • Greg Leventis (new check writer)
  • Christa Schur, Susie Lindsay and Chris Moraes will round out the treasury team and divvy up the responsibilities
  • Erin Owes will provide a letter to Mechanics Bank stating the change in treasurers

Banking Changes

  • Now that Mechanics Bank is not entirely locally owned, is it worth thinking about switching to a bank that is located within the community and supports the community?

Check-in/New Business

  • Bike rack Oakland Parks and Rec has some money to put in bike racks:
    • 2 Options: Maintain same orientation but replace with hoops (decreases capacity) or reconfigure to maintain capacity (but block emergency exit?)
    • Project currently on hold because we are not happy with our options. We are opening it up the community to determine current needs-
  • Minna will be taking over Peralta’s social media from Juliana (facebook)
  • Boxtops for education: we were going to kill it last year but proceeded through this year. Going forward: the program will only be continued if someone steps forward. It would be wonderful to have a human look over the various small fundraising projects to see which are worth maintaining.
  • Auction check-in: We are still unsure about whether we need food permitting for the auction? Erin volunteers for Heifer International

Volunteer Needs/Transitions

  • Small projects person is needed
  • Palomee is stepping down from DU committee – The activist portion of the DU committee is turning into the Racial Justice group
  • We need a Peralta Pride person
  • Eleanor has an idea for a school-wide work day
  • We must include finger printing in on-boarding next year and have 2 finger-printers.




AuthorSteve Mundro

Budget Update- OUSD

  • Major hole in the budget/ $30 million
  • Possible eventual budget freeze
  • We get less $ than other schools so we will have less to lose.
  • With ousd’s troubles do we want to get in front of it by asking now…like for the auction
  • So that people are aware…a gentle ask???
  • A round up of the fall…looking toward the spring?
  • We don’t want to make it sound too bad though as we feel that we are doing ok.

Budget YTD Actuals-

  • Things are on track.
  • We will end up in a hole, but  we thought that would happen.
  • When creating the budget for next year, maintenance
  •  & classroom supply may go away.  One or both.
  • Grant # should go up
  • Expenses-Art might be up.  Everything else is on track
  • Computer supplies- we spent a lot for new teachers & new classroom
  • All were legitimate purposes.
  • Maintenance is about the copier.  And the contract is complicated.

Auction Update ---

  • March 18
  • Humanist hall
  • 80 corporate donations already
  • Need canvassers to get the donations because that will increase what we get.
  • Christy Pierce is running the pay to plays
  • We have a parent caterer
  • We will need data entry help.
  • Hopefully there will be some outside activities weather permitting
  • Need cash box and square.
  • Less emphasis on day trip type things & of items that are very specific, i.e.size 8 boots, etc.
  • Emphasize local restaurants, local services because they sell.
  • There will be an online element.
  • Online will stop when the live auction begins. 
  • There is less physical space at this venue. 
  • We will put up posters along college ave. 
  • On the auction website…we will give thanks to those who have donated big.

Volunteering Update-

  • Thinking forward for next year…Secretaries
  • We ask that people replace themselves.
  • Long term….how do we get the info out there?  To get a wider group.  We don’t always know who to ask..  Incoming families have less time but perhaps more money.  So what do we pay for verses ask people for their time? 
  • How can we put hours to the specific jobs?
  • It is harder to find one person for a job because people just don’t have the time. 
  • Could we do a volunteer fair in the fall and spring? 
  • Transition period is different for every role. 

De-linking Peralta Safety Patrol from OPD

  • Program is administrated by alameda and opd
  • There are lots of things that are not what we want…hierarchy and it is very competitive.  Lots of paperwork at the beginning of the year.
  • Talking about not being part of it. Stream line paperwork.  And have the values we want …volunteerism, responsibility,, etc.
  • Keep some of the components that the kids like…prizes etc.  what budget would we need.  Couple of hundred $$.
  • Kids are covered through program.  Parent crossing guards are not covered.
  • What are the liability issues if we separate from opd? 
  • We would need to come up with a rewards system.

New Superintendent Search?

  • Do we want to say something? 
  • No

Feb PPTG Agenda

  • *Gender Spectrum Film-
    •  This is the premiere of the film so there could be a lot of people.
  • How much outside publicity do we want to do?
    • Link to other pptg heads?
    • Discussion after with film makers.
    • Push to alumni
    • It is a teaching film.  Likely that others would be interested in coming too. 
  • *Budget update-a few points, keep it simple.
  • *Do we want to highlight auction volunteer roles? Yes
  • *Potential check in on volunteer roles

Hosts for future LC Mtgs:

  • Feb 15 – Wendy
  • Mar 15

Other Announcements:

  • No scheduled events for Fri. Jan. 20-school as usual
  • Rat update – we’ve got’em, the exterminators are coming back again
    • In the office
    • Ms Vollmer’s class

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