First Day of School: enough bakers for treats; any one wants to come hold tissue boxes. Tissues provided.

Informal Camp Update: Star Lightner is the Mosaic liaison. Mosaic is happening Science camp--unsure what is up;

Volunteer Fair is Sept 10th all in committees to bring sign and what they are recurring for; salad bar, safety, auction, etc. Ryan will represent and give shpeel ; a lot is turn key ready for behind the scene. Will send email few days before and some committees will have online sign up going on. Have people sign up and move around as needed. Juliana going to secure date for Auction on Sept 2nd. Room parent will be in charge of getting classes out to GWD Not sure of status of rp sign up

BTSN: Sept 4th Thursday.

Treasurer: need checks to defray start up costs to give to teachers. We have raised teacher support budget Used to be presented w/ fanfare. Do the teachers like the attn? Time suck but Costello seems to like it. Proposed to have the person who discusses PF to give the check out in front of the parents to get more direct correlation of give and receive.

Star may have smthg about Mosaic to help it feel more integrated. What we paid for last year will be wrapped into what we payed. Will stick w/ standard package--start earlier in the year instead of waiting till March/April Would like to have the parent presentation take place at PPTG possibly make it "mandatory" for the school

First PPTG mtg Jody Londen will send rep to discuss parcel tax to support a build out in high school for career build out. Will talk briefly about parcel tax.

Oct evolution prop 13 will come speak Bully project people

After school: robust enrichment prog requires 5 days a week or a set schedule which is not what polls show parents want.

JCC has started doing on-site after school care at other schools; Costello has been talking to JCC about coming to Peralta-- hard to find program that accommodates our needs; people are not happy with what we have

EBAC will have staff returning; will poll parents again and see if willing to be more committed to set schedule

Push back from parents 100% against having structured/committed time--May have been the wording of the question???

PPTG topics: study habits GATE tested 3rd graders but no test results; OUSD feels unsure about the GATE program but no results posted. GATE may not happen

No info forth coming--parents can call OUSD office to find out results.

Welcome packets: Are being assembled Sat morning but very few responses--still need more people--leading done by Sarah and Juliana Sat morning collating to take place at the school 10 to noon --library most likely. Will be part of the communication responsibility.

PPTG directory likely to come in the packets Some talk of getting everyone on to official peralta communication forum as part of the directory effort.

Susan Killebrew wants a new desktop computer. If she had 6 for the 30 students she has in her class would allow her to have 5 subgroups and everyone could use computer everyday. Also, wants headphones We all agreed to tables for Bandy but has been tabled.

Treasurers--please keep list of stuff that LC has agreed to what we have committed to surplus. So far... Bandy $3000 Chrome book programs $14,505.50 for the achieve 3000.

New Website: Steve Mundro Current site 7 yrs ago, hasn't changed much There is but nothing by school district purpose is to be there for school information and PPTG information Want repository of non changing facts/changing facts Current families/new families to find info about school Information about different programs

Updating is about complete: Take blog style site that was not updated frequently and came up w/ something easier to navigate for main events and facts and use Yahoo and facebook for more dynamic stuff Also, moving it off WP tech to a squarespace that handles all hosting and authoring to make it easier for communication people to update w/o knowing HTML

old site terrible on chrome will cost about $20/month hosting fee to PPTG trying to get shared Google logo library

Patterned after Chabot site working site (square space will still host)

permissions and login ids will be needed. updating should be easier to do now.

Catherine/Steve : doing away with web comm group as anyone can update ( with login). Updates at this time should go through Catherine or Steve. Hoping to get it live before school starts.

Link to OUSD site; still cleaning up content. Primary pages people go to School/principal/calendar/how to enroll. Many thanks to Steve for doing this.


Catherine Day found out that Lowe's is giving $5000 to school grant SK moved to portable B Behind portable B is small strip of asphalt filled w/ trash. Would like to have outdoor classroom space--Jenn Sokolove is writing grant. Ask Lowe's to add tables/chairs.

Juliana went to defend Oakland artists residency grant--not as bad as last year. This year J and Ellen went who was behind Oakland Youth Chorus which got 100%. Panel of 4 artists who rate grant out of 100. Defense panel had 3 min to respond. Last year had to get above 95 to get money. This year we got 89. Would have paid for Ellen. Asked which museum we worked with De Yong, Oakland, how exactly that works, Ellen passed it off to Juliana; also wanted to know grade by grade content what the curriculum would be. Ellen's grant was about quilting. Quilting tangible, over looked art form.

Budget passed.

Thank you Loren for hosting!