LC Meeting
Attendance: 12


  • $47,529 (assumed NET) Super exciting!! Will probably make it to $48,000/$49,000 - (Best in 3 years!)
  • Costs were low due to good hustling.
  • Low turn-out 170 vs last year’s 200-something
  • Presale did almost $10,000 vs last year’s $6,000
  • Software was frustrating (and expensive), but a learning process
  • A wrap-up  meeting will take place and we are discussing ways to make it easier to volunteer in the future. Team was excellent!


  • $4600 in sponsorships (we need a sponsorship person!)
  • $3,685 Tickets
  • $3,190 Pledges
  • $4,795 Live Auction
  • $39,880 Silent (15,694 of pay-to-plays) (includes presale, silent, post-auction)
  • $4,919 Raffle/Drinks
  • $700 Donations

With Stephen Bloom

  • $2,500 Peralta referral check coming in
  • Lots of people in the community aren’t aware of the merchant/referral community fundraising stuff
  • Liz Morgan: a list of those should be sent out to the entire community
  • Maybe highlight one per Broadcast

Grub Market/Wellness
With Wendy

Grub Market  relationship: Trying to find a meeting time to approve flier -> Just give it to Jan/Rosette. Must send flier to Rosette? Jan is pushing a meeting. Juliana will facilitate.

Budget Process and Activity Funding
With Elizabeth and Keith

  • Following handout will be given out to the community with tbd verbage.
  • Maybe include column as to what the OUSD contributes to each category
  • Now that we’ve won our appeal, we only have a $10,000 short fall, which we could cover with reserves.
  • Last two years, we have projected ~$20,000 holes and have broken-even. Regardless, it might be time to take the pulse of the community.
  • More information is needed based on what each category entails.

School Enrollment

  • 20 families have not gotten in to Peralta from the neighborhood.
  • Appeal, talk to Rosette, sign the book…
AuthorSteve Mundro