Wednesday, July 22, 2015
LC Meeting

-Personnel changes…

  • New K teacher - Camille. Ms. Nina is staying as K teacher for next year. 
  • K/1 -  Arbogast. 
  • New gym teacher - Coach Nick.  5th grade will be team taught.  

-2014/15 calendar…Grades sponsoring garden days.   PPtg meetings sponsored by classrooms. Teachers will be at the meeting sponsored by their class.

-Incoming Families Picnic…need to find someone to be point person.  Erin, Emma, Wendy are figuring it out.  Julianna and Rosette will be there.  Point person needs to get snacks, request for janitor form, sharpies, stickers, etc.  Sarah giving volunteer talk.

Inspirational speeches at incoming k picnic to encourage taking part in peralta community…

“Give what you have to give…for some people it is time, for some people it is money, or both.”

“The city might be failing us but the community has the ability to thrive.”  Etc..

-House Parties….Emma has them scheduled.  Only 2 parties scheduled at this time, planning to add another.

53 incomings/17 are sibs

 1st playdate had 30 families.  More playdates scheduled throughout the summer.

-Budget Update….

  •  Peralta fund needs a push because it creates a lot of the pptg’s funding
  • Corporate matching tied together with peralta fund
  • With changing demographics we need to take advantage of Corp. matching!!!
  • Corporate matching could be big area for improvement.
  • Auction/ walkathon/ spring fest are key.
  • Send note about Steven Bloom contribution as a lot of parents don’t realize how much the pptg could gain.

Merchant donations...  Set up amazon workshop for people to find out how to do it at pptg or at coffee morning

Auction might do better than we have in budget.  K families important

Spring fest made most its ever made!

Spring fest follows a trend line instead of following last years numbers, but most other things expected to be on par with last year.

Art budget is staying the same.

Music going up a bit…Bonnie is taking on a bigger work load with the star class.

Mosiac is being eliminated this year.

The Plan-Current 4th grade class will go to science camp there 5th grade year.

Eliminating Spanish. 1 year experiment –Sonia will be a full time mentor.  Main reason for eliminating Spanish….the school is committed  to giving K-1 the proper support and she is needed as a mentor.

-School support…

Investing in achieve 3000. Chrome books.

Loss of 8,800 in overall budget.

We may get $9000 from oakland cultural foundation.  We will find out soon.


Original mural had dry rot.  Ousd fixed the dry rot.  Old pieces will be used in new mural.

Estimate…$9,300, from Peralta  rising money

-Peralta Fund….How do we thank the recurring folks as they are the backbone of the fund.

2nd day of school to the end of sept.

Katherine should be able to post to class list so they can go when she wants.

We need to address families with siblings to urge to give an equal amount for the second child.

50% of our fundraising comes from Peralta Fund

k families cannot feel like outsiders.

Need to figure out how to deal with cc that expire.  An alert of some kind.

-Volunteer needs…

Safety patrol…Elise will do the emails but we need the main person.  Inspiring person to make the kids love it! 

Shadow for  Kim for admin for  google groups, need to keep an eye on whats going on…Emma will do the keeping an eye on it but not the setting up.

  • Auction Chair
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Walkathon are all 5th grade parents…so we could use a younger parent to shadow.
  • Who’s in charge of broadcast?
  • We need a fundraising person…outreach!

-Agenda items for  August 5, PPTG meeting


Could new teachers be there?





AuthorSteve Mundro