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Lost our appeal with OUSD. So our budget next year will be $110,000-125,000 less than this year’s. Rosette’s budget is significantly less next year. She would like us to guarantee $35,000 to cover the stip.sub (Miss Everman). She is needed to pitch in and cover while teachers take breaks, have a planning period, etc.

Q: What would Rosette rather cut?

A: Not sure, but Rosette is very much thinking of the stip sub as a need, not a want. This is replacing the $7,000-10,000 that we would chip in to cover subs in the past. 

---When discussing whether or not to fund this, we need to examine how the stip sub values next to MOSAIC or art that could be cut instead.---

This is Rosette’s number one priority.

Q: Will this be a permanent part of the budget?

A: Maybe. Or not. The OUSD budget is always in flux.

Q: Is it possible to combine the stip sub with another role that we already pay for?

A: This is what has happened with Ms Monroe-she is the prep teacher and has been second step and is now technology. But her competing duties cause her prep teacher status to be challenging.

Juliana has written a letter today to see if there are any other avenues to appeal. 

Chabot’s appeal was 100% funded.

Teachers are very unhappy about the fact that they have no contract.

We appear to be headed towards a strike. Highly possible before end of year. 

Can we send something out to the community to formulate a plan in case of a strike.

Auction Update

Lots of donations coming in- it’s all going well! Software had some bumps, but now going well. Donations are keeping costs low.

Laura will start selling tickets.

Kindergarten outreach.

Relatives and friends away can be registered and bid.

Peralta Fund Recap
Katherine Day

We did make 81% participation.

We will work hard with Incoming Family to message to next year’s kindergarten class.

Budget – YTD and Draft for Next Year

Spending unrestricted funds to get the stip sub?

…Next Year?

Bring back ask for MOSAIC? Go back to self-funding MOSAIC?

How can we bring the budget concerns to the community fairly?

Could we float the next year’s budget out of reserves?

Wellness Update

Wendy is sick (absent)

Wendy has discussed bringing in a running club for girls-we’re trying to bring in an equal comp for boys.

Rosette really likes Grub Market-a CSA. In the past, Ellen was into the farmer’s market, we have had one in the past. We are trying to bring veggies onto campus.

Volunteer Needs/Transitions

No new news.

Walk-a-thoon SOP coming.Peralta-in-Bloom looking for a third? Sponsorship czar.


New Business

Stephen: Realtor association grant- We need a new idea to pitch for this year’s ASAP.

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