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Peralta in Bloom update

Went surprisingly well considering planning got going late. Thank you to Sarah, who did a great job with online sign-ups. Next year, we’ll have better volunteer rotation through the jobs/positions. Ben did a great job with set-up, etc. Sold lots of food. (Whole Foods donated $1200 of food. Lizzy was great.) Cory sold nearly $1500 of pizza (Cory is already onboard for next year.) Mike Rosenthal did a wonderful job of coordinating food, but will be transitioning out (current 5th grade dad) but we have replacements training. Yay! Juliana! (Raised $7,000 of ad sales in 3 weeks.) Donations were high, leading to low-costs day-of. 

Push harder for street closure, next year. Police didn’t want the “human hamster ball” on the street because of clearance.

Great to see so many alumni and past-Peraltans. 

Volunteer Needs


List forthcoming, but most big positions are in good shape. We need a Kim Nies (directory) shadow ASAP as most of the work takes place over the summer.


We need to revisit how we communicate big events as a coordinated effort.

Incoming Families Committee

Wendy is handling playdates!

Emma is back on house parties.

Erin will take care of the get-together. (But Juliana will write the check to the janitor and fill out the form.)

The train is running smoothly.

Budget Survey

  1. Arts Education
  2. Mentors
  3. Music
  4. Field Trips
  5. Sports
  6. Spanish
  7. Tech
  9. Gardening
  10. Wellness/Health 
  11. D/U

Re: grade-specific funding. Does the specific grade-level funding go into the general? Or is it set aside? Some people like to pay for specific items, others want to write an ongoing donation and don’t want to be asked more.

Are ear-marks are ok if they are going to the general fund? Is it too much to track ear-marks? Can we try a one-year trial of accepting ear-marks (with a minimum donation)? 

Should we allow classes to fundraise on their own?  Do the individual asks go to the general fund or are they earmarked?   If something big wants to get on the budget, and we don’t allow specific fundraising, how do they ever get on the budget?

Different people budget and respond to asks in different way. How do we manage this?

Juliana: We are no longer hearing complaints of ask fatigue.

We are a different community now, we should be able to add an ask.

Can we have a Spring Peralta Fund push that is related to the specific programs that are 


Draft Budget
Adam, Elizabeth, Keith

Work in process, will be circulated. May or maybe not have Spanish. Achieve 3000 is up in the air. 13th class is definite- Bonnie and Coach will have upped loads. Peralta Rising money will be used to furnish 13th class. Location is TBD. 

LC End of Year Party

Do we want to do the party? It costs $500-$600.

Next year each class will sponsor a PPTG meeting and the teacher will be required to attend and the parents WILL BE ENCOURAGED to go.

AuthorSteve Mundro