•    First day of class-
Laura, Ryan, and Sarah will be on hand with kleenex for K parents…Need baked goods.
Registration-Make sure new parents know it will all work out.  
Normally all of the registration info is in the packet on first day.  
Everyone will still be getting emergency forms and medical forms to fill out.

•    Back to school Night-
September 3rd.  No childcare provided. 

•    New Sponsorship Plan- Laura
Main events-Walkathon, Auction, Peralta in Bloom
Laura plans to have a spreadsheet so that everyone is on the same page, so that when we        reach out to someone we can properly reference their previous contributions.
Making sure that we get better at doing thank you’s is a priority.
There is a separate donation person for each of the 3 events.  Laura will make sure that they   are all coordinated.  
Realtor sponsorship could be big.  Homes in the peralta district are rising and it behooves realtors to give in order to get their name out there.
There are software systems set up for tracking sponsors, we could consider that.
Oakland Ed  fund has a lot of sales force stuff…but they want a cut.

•    Welcome Packets- We will need help stuffing packets on Saturday.

•    Staff changes at school-
New gym teacher- Coach Nick
New K teacher-Camille
New lunch person-?
District hired Sarah Jane, sowe start the year with her until we have a permanent 5th grade  teacher.
No Spanish-Sonia Perez will be aiding where needed.  

•    PPTG closet is organized!  
We still need to go through banners.

•    PPTG Meeting Topics-
This year meetings will be sponsored by individual classes.
The 1st meeting is 9/9 and it will be a  Volunteer fair ( 5th grade class)
We need a new, more enthusiastic way to encourage volunteer participation. 
Make a pledge to work something. People to explain what the events are and what they mean to the school money-wise.  
Have separate tables for the 4 main events…and a paper to explain what the events are. 
Music to make it more lively?

Ideas for future meetings…
Bully movie
Health Advisory
Parent education
Amazon set up
Financial aid talk for college
Public Officials

Mental health intern…Patricia – Maybe available afterschool??

AuthorSteve Mundro