• Positions for almost everything are filled.
  • Still need night of lead for food.
  • Decorations are good.  Entertainment shaping up.
  • Procurement coming along.
  • Still need a cruise.  Fits really well with theme.
  • We have a Disneyland package.
  • Communications…more rather than less
  • Still need more sponsors
  • No catalog…costs too much
  • What should we do to promote sponsors….banner, flyer, sponsor emails over a few weeks to highlight
  • All items are going in to google sheet.  And it goes directly to gift smart.
  • Has something gone out to K/new parents about auction items that they might have to donate? 
  • Teacher contributions/parties-Juliana will be the lead on that.
  • Do we have a list of what went well?
  •  If there are items that just don't sell, we shouldn’t be asking for them.
  • There will be less to look at this year so that it won’t be an overwhelming amount to look at.
  • Kids class art needs to be live because parents will buy.
  • Pay to plays will be under big banner with sheet to sign up so it will be very visible.
  • Class art work…not all classes have someone to do it. 

LRPG yard sale…April 30th

  • How many more years do we want to do it?
  • Fun community event…$3000 each school
  • Very labor intensive for very little back. 
  • Has it ever been held at Claremont?
  • Could they do that?


  • Rosette got the budget
  • We are down.  Lost .10 of Ms. Monroe
  • Cut ½ a person.  Cut librarian.  Completely cut the STIP for next year
  • Pptg Needs to pay $15,500 for maintenance so that Rosette can cover Ms Monroe, Sonia
  • There will be 13 classrooms next year. 
  • James from the budget office will go over the budget at the pptg meeting.
  • We get the least amount of funding because we did the best on the SBAC

Budget Process…

  • Didn’t give $ to rosette this year because stip appeal came through.
  • This year we still don’t know exactly where we’re at.
  • Need a budget for June.  Been at a deficit for a couple years
  • We are ok on cash.

Garden grant…won a $20000 this summer

  • 10,000 for supplies…can only go to certain things like irrigation system
  • 10,000 for Gaby
  • Dodie wrote the grant. 
  • Garden work day will be February 20 because of the president day weekend.
  • Will need people on 2/6 to do some heavy lifting…making the mound. 
  • Phase 1…We will be laying grass sod on 2/20.  We will need a lot of help.  We have a map of what will transpire. 
  • The pptg is buying the native  grass. 
  • Kids will know about this soon.  That way they can get excited to help

5th grade camp

  • Next year..budget considerations.
  • Science camp??
  • It could be budgeted for, whether it is science or not. 
  • Earmark the $.


  • An online portal where you can buy groceries.  Each school has there own page.  They drop the food off at school.  A parent has to be there to check it in and pass it out.  Once a week. A big volunteer position.  Is this worth while?  We get 5% of $ but a lot of work. 
  • Its like Berkeley bowl script…
  • Wendy is willing to do it.  Farmigo is already established as a business. 
  • This will take time and maybe we should have a limit on how many of these that we do. 
  • Do we have enough support for this?

Volunteering roles-LC & Other major positions.

  • If moving out of position than let Sarah know and help find new person.
  • If you don’t let Sarah know she will assume that you are doing it.
  • Still need…
  • Directory
  • Yahoo group moderator
  • LC Chair!!
  • Are there any prospects?
  • What do we need to do to find someone?
  • Could it be broken up?    
  • Chabot does Vice President for a year and then that person is president for year.
  • Crocker highland has 2 chairs.  On the downside Of that format, you are always looking for a chair.. 
  • Chair doesn't necessarily have to take on as much as Juliana has spent on it. 
  • The new chair will have to decide how much time to spend.
  • What would it look like to have 2 people?
  • A description of the roll should be written. 

Next year…..

  • Marie is leaving.  Both K teachers are staying.  Abrogast might stay.  Larson might be staying.
  • Sarah Jane is probably leaving.  Interviewing for her position. 
  • Hiring one 3rd grade teacher for sure and one 5th grade for sure.
  • Don’t know what the spilt will be because of #’s.


  • It would be great to include garden stuff.
  • Lice check.
  • Book sale coming soon -$1 for a book…5th grade sponsored
  • Math Olympics coming up-no date


AuthorSteve Mundro