Yard Sale Update...

We need more space to store items.
Two full garages so far
May not be any more collections if we can't find more storage
Day of signs
Need to put up banners
Send flyers to the neighborhood people so they can put them up.
Lost and Found items???  Can they be sold at the yard sale?
Still need some volunteers.
Need to reach out to Claremont about the future of the yard sale.  

Teacher appreciation Day-May 3rd

Emma is in charge.
Parents do flowers.
Kids do the cards.
PPTG does the lunch.

Staff changes

2 new 5th grade teachers
New Berkeley grad & current sf teacher
One new 3rd grade teacher and one other new teacher (both Stanford grads)  but not sure which grade she will teach.  We need to keep the ratio right for K-3.
There might be 1 or 2 split classrooms.

Volunteer needs

Jessica will be taking over Sarah's position
Still need some positions filled:
Finance chair
Co Chair Walkathon
Technology-someone needs to keep the projector & someone needs to be at the events.
The person needs to be at school for the teachers,etc.  A mentor could do that.  Do we need a tech coordinator?  Maybe separate roles.  
Someone keeps the stuff and does the big events and then someone is there to help the teachers fix stuff and upgrade.
Peralta Pride
Traffic safety patrol

Ms Bandy would like to do a fund raiser for the school.  She wants to sell Mary Kay Satin Hand Set and will donate 50% to the school.  Samples would be  in the office. Maybe a booth at peralta in bloom or yard sale..  It would be a two week span of time.
She will do it all.  

Budget Fundraiser/expenses

$15,000 request from Rosette for basic classroom items.
OUSD has taken $ back so we really will need this.  No title 9
Need seat sacks. Projector.  Gauze.  Surgical tape. Cold packs. Etc.
OUSD  will not pay for Achieve 3000 next year.  3rd grade wants to keep it.
Achieve 3000 costs $43 per student..
Reasoning minds –we were getting a deal because of Ms. Hackett but that has run out.
But 3rd really likes using it!
$5000 worth of desks and chairs- Peralta rising paying for that???
We need new computers for the new teachers.

Maybe a wish list at next years auction?
OUSD wall of shame…fundraising motivator
People can see and pay for what we need.  They will be willing to write a check then.

OUSD-cutting from all schools.
They designed it to take money from schools that could afford it.  But really everyone is getting cut.  



AuthorSteve Mundro