First Day of School- Monday, August 22, 2016

We will have tissues and maybe pastries.


Class Configuration-

The class lists will go up Sunday around 5pm.


Staffing Updates

5th: Megan Larranaga-(Ms. Killebrew’s assistant from last year) and Maddy McGuire

3rd: Natalie Ashby-Stanford grad

2nd: Stephanie Neira- was teaching K, but before that was in 2

New school psychiatrist-On-site, Zarah.  She will be in the room where Ms. Meyers bookstore is.  

Still searching for a resource teacher and school secretary.

There will be a new custodian.  Mr. Daniel will be Ms. Nina’s aide.


Welcome Packets

We need volunteers on Saturday at 10.  The more volunteers the faster it goes.


Back to School Night-

Sept.1- Room Parents will distribute directory info.  Need volunteers to do Peralta Fund plug in each classroom. 


September PPTG Mtg – Volunteer Fair

Walk- a-thon, Auction, Peralta in Bloom, Peralta Fund.

Garden, Lunch, etc…

There will be tables for the main 4 and maybe the others.

Make it fun. Treats/prizes.  Get people interested. 

People that are setting up tables should get there early. 

Give parents an overview of what’s to come.

And for the things that are coming up we need the actual volunteers that will be doing day of.

Volunteer flier will be in the welcome packet. 

Find out where the holes are but also what general needs are.

What do people like to do, skills, when people are available.  People want to help but don’t always know how to help.

Parents need to be reminded that volunteering really helps everything run better.

The PPTG funds so much.  And the parents don’t necessarily know it.  It is something to be proud of. 

All these volunteer hours go towards that. 


Peralta Fund-ends sept.30

Corporate funding/match is huge. 

Walkathon Oct 23rd.

We don’t do much about the walkathon before the Peralta Fund is over,  but it could still have a presence. 


Volunteer Needs-

Still looking for Auction chair.  It's a very big job!

Walkathon still needs- Sponsors and donations, lead for food, lead for prizes

In general we need to tell people a realistic estimate of how long the jobs will take.


Teacher Reimbursement-

Do we have a policy for teacher reimbursement? 

A few possibilities

  • Finite amount, 1st come 1st serve
  • Set amount ex. $200 each teacher. 
  • We will pay X% of what the cost is.

Currently we budget $500/yr per teacher.  It doesn’t include the beginning of the year $ that they receive from the pptg.

The teachers have been told about the $500, but they need to be reminded.

Should we rethink our policy?

We could use the PPTG Discretionary fund for this year if we do decide to change the policy.

We could give a note with the $t that they get at the beginning of the year.  “You have $500 more for professional development.”

Eleanor still needs to get cards and put a note in there the card for Back to School Night.

AuthorSteve Mundro