LC Meeting


Attendance: 12


Incoming Family House Parties: Went well

Lice Check: 2/3 of forms have been returned, more specific forms are heading out Friday, September 30 (follow up forms will be more clear in the future. Volunteers needed to escort kids from the classroom to the check spot)

Traffic/Safety: Pick up is not safe (especially on Dana St). Nico, our crossing guard onTelegraph has not been attentive.

Gender Spectrum: Peralta participated in a film and it will be shown at the February PPTG meeting

Racial Justice Study Group: Waiting on coordination with the DU committee, parent wants to lead a discussion regarding racial justice at school. Might lead to school email/PPTG meeting announcement inviting people into a discussion group.

Survey Monkey parent has donated a Survey Monkey Gold account. Yay! (And! In the future, send LC/PPTG surveys through Kelly Holland who is a careerist survey-maker)


Peralta Fund/Ryann Cheung

We are at 67% currently

43 more kids to get to 80% - 213 kids who have donation

At $127,000

Ana Thomas’s class has 8 left and every other class is lower than that.

***A parent asked not to have their donation counted to the ice cream party because she wants healthier alternative options. Possible future alternatives: shaved ice (Ellen style), Kettle corn, ceremonial tree planting, dance party, watermelon, popcorn, class badges

è Pass the “sugary treats conversation” onto a spring PPTG meeting


Launching on Wednesday 8:30-8:45, parent volunteers go into the classrooms to get the kids excited

Banners up over the weekend (Wendy)

T Shirts have been designed and ordered

New things for this year:

  • No BBQ this year, Food Trucks will be on campus (25 less volunteers), We make 10% of total sales, parked near basketball hoop
  • Shorter volunteer shifts
  • Junky prize complaints led rethinking some prizes (water bottles, book lap, etc)
  • Better parent resources to ease the website set up, etc
  • 1/2 of the volunteer slots are already full

OUSD and Peralta Volunteering/Jessica

Clearance process is a pain! We’re trying to make that easier. Livescan coming to campus during garden work day. To drive on a field trip, you are a “unsupervised volunteer” and you need a TB test and finger printing. Once you livescan to Oakland Ed, you are cleared for life. Make sure you are registered (it’s easy if you register before getting any testing)

Communication: send out clear email with all pertinent info (process, forms, etc), put it on the webpage

It would be good to have some day-of volunteers with screens to register people on the Oakland Ed Site.

Early Care Survey/Eleanor & Jessica

Survey sent out and responses have reinforced our opinion that we do not have the numbers to consistently operate Early Care yet there are people in our community who need it. Eleanor met with Sherice and went over Early Care data and, realistically, we have not had a high number of early care users. At this point, we would need to find and the staff person to then be hired by EBAC.


Wonderful program promoting racial/socio-economic justice that was implemented at first in the 5th grade, then rolled into 4th grade. Parents fundraised but we, as a community, decided to roll it into the PPTG budget (fairness, etc). Teachers didn’t want it anymore, so we discontinued it. And we couldn’t really afford it. New teachers are SUPER excited about it. MOSAIC does have space for next school year (May 15-19, 2016). Teachers think they would even prefer to have it in the spring.

From the treasurer: If we meet ALL of our fundraising targets and don’t overspend on anything, we could cover the cost of it, but it ups our risk.

Maybe we shelve it this year, while it’s not built into the budget, and begin next year. *Counterpoint* Maybe we do push it through this year and make it work.

This is a bigger conversation that needs to be pushed in to the greater dialogue

$26,000 ask from a budget that has already been decided.

Eleanor: bottom line- Do we bring this to the Oct PPTG meeting? YES.



AuthorSteve Mundro