Budget Update- OUSD

  • Major hole in the budget/ $30 million
  • Possible eventual budget freeze
  • We get less $ than other schools so we will have less to lose.
  • With ousd’s troubles do we want to get in front of it by asking now…like for the auction
  • So that people are aware…a gentle ask???
  • A round up of the fall…looking toward the spring?
  • We don’t want to make it sound too bad though as we feel that we are doing ok.

Budget YTD Actuals-

  • Things are on track.
  • We will end up in a hole, but  we thought that would happen.
  • When creating the budget for next year, maintenance
  •  & classroom supply may go away.  One or both.
  • Grant # should go up
  • Expenses-Art might be up.  Everything else is on track
  • Computer supplies- we spent a lot for new teachers & new classroom
  • All were legitimate purposes.
  • Maintenance is about the copier.  And the contract is complicated.

Auction Update ---

  • March 18
  • Humanist hall
  • 80 corporate donations already
  • Need canvassers to get the donations because that will increase what we get.
  • Christy Pierce is running the pay to plays
  • We have a parent caterer
  • We will need data entry help.
  • Hopefully there will be some outside activities weather permitting
  • Need cash box and square.
  • Less emphasis on day trip type things & of items that are very specific, i.e.size 8 boots, etc.
  • Emphasize local restaurants, local services because they sell.
  • There will be an online element.
  • Online will stop when the live auction begins. 
  • There is less physical space at this venue. 
  • We will put up posters along college ave. 
  • On the auction website…we will give thanks to those who have donated big.

Volunteering Update-

  • Thinking forward for next year…Secretaries
  • We ask that people replace themselves.
  • Long term….how do we get the info out there?  To get a wider group.  We don’t always know who to ask..  Incoming families have less time but perhaps more money.  So what do we pay for verses ask people for their time? 
  • How can we put hours to the specific jobs?
  • It is harder to find one person for a job because people just don’t have the time. 
  • Could we do a volunteer fair in the fall and spring? 
  • Transition period is different for every role. 

De-linking Peralta Safety Patrol from OPD

  • Program is administrated by alameda and opd
  • There are lots of things that are not what we want…hierarchy and it is very competitive.  Lots of paperwork at the beginning of the year.
  • Talking about not being part of it. Stream line paperwork.  And have the values we want …volunteerism, responsibility,, etc.
  • Keep some of the components that the kids like…prizes etc.  what budget would we need.  Couple of hundred $$.
  • Kids are covered through program.  Parent crossing guards are not covered.
  • What are the liability issues if we separate from opd? 
  • We would need to come up with a rewards system.

New Superintendent Search?

  • Do we want to say something? 
  • No

Feb PPTG Agenda

  • *Gender Spectrum Film-
    •  This is the premiere of the film so there could be a lot of people.
  • How much outside publicity do we want to do?
    • Link to other pptg heads?
    • Discussion after with film makers.
    • Push to alumni
    • It is a teaching film.  Likely that others would be interested in coming too. 
  • *Budget update-a few points, keep it simple.
  • *Do we want to highlight auction volunteer roles? Yes
  • *Potential check in on volunteer roles

Hosts for future LC Mtgs:

  • Feb 15 – Wendy
  • Mar 15

Other Announcements:

  • No scheduled events for Fri. Jan. 20-school as usual
  • Rat update – we’ve got’em, the exterminators are coming back again
    • In the office
    • Ms Vollmer’s class

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