PPTG LC Meeting
Attendance: 7

Budget Update

  • OUSD budget is not catastrophic!! (In spite of published reports that OUSD has a huge hole in their budget.)
  • The budget that we have been given is pretty much the same as last year, minus the STIP-sub. For the past three years, OUSD has never granted us the STIP sub and then we always get her funded in appeals.

Budget YTD - OUSD

  • Computer supply/support was a concern and it no longer is.
  • Classroom supply/computer support is 10-15% over, but no big deal.
  • 5th graders are going on an overnight next week (replacing MOSAIC) and teachers need to be stipended
  • Jan’s beginning of the year hours will come out of discrepancy fund

New Treasurers!

  • Greg Leventis (new check writer)
  • Christa Schur, Susie Lindsay and Chris Moraes will round out the treasury team and divvy up the responsibilities
  • Erin Owes will provide a letter to Mechanics Bank stating the change in treasurers

Banking Changes

  • Now that Mechanics Bank is not entirely locally owned, is it worth thinking about switching to a bank that is located within the community and supports the community?

Check-in/New Business

  • Bike rack Oakland Parks and Rec has some money to put in bike racks:
    • 2 Options: Maintain same orientation but replace with hoops (decreases capacity) or reconfigure to maintain capacity (but block emergency exit?)
    • Project currently on hold because we are not happy with our options. We are opening it up the community to determine current needs-
  • Minna will be taking over Peralta’s social media from Juliana (facebook)
  • Boxtops for education: we were going to kill it last year but proceeded through this year. Going forward: the program will only be continued if someone steps forward. It would be wonderful to have a human look over the various small fundraising projects to see which are worth maintaining.
  • Auction check-in: We are still unsure about whether we need food permitting for the auction? Erin volunteers for Heifer International

Volunteer Needs/Transitions

  • Small projects person is needed
  • Palomee is stepping down from DU committee – The activist portion of the DU committee is turning into the Racial Justice group
  • We need a Peralta Pride person
  • Eleanor has an idea for a school-wide work day
  • We must include finger printing in on-boarding next year and have 2 finger-printers.




AuthorSteve Mundro