10 adults

Peralta in Bloom Update- 

Rough total.  $9000 ticket sales. $4700 for sponsers.  A little $ from pizza, t-shirts

Karen bought 10,000 tix and ran out by 1:30.  Could tix go up to $1/tix?

Should price of quilt go up to $2/tix?

No karaoke or photo booth this year.   The band played for free. 

David would do it again next year but wants a shadow.

Went well.  Parents are willing to pitch in.  Not every school is like that.


Volunteer Openings-

Auction Chairs, etc.

Mr. Davis’ cylinder party is so popular that maybe it could be on the weekend as to not hurt kids feelings of the aftercare kids who see the party happening.

Secretary needs to write a letter to the bank when the treasurer changes and when the

 secretary or any other officer changes we need to notify the state.

Incoming Families- We have volunteers for the three aspects of this. 

Colby park play dates…every Saturday for the three Saturdays before school, or maybe one

 Sunday?  Options are good.  Do we need more than 3 dates?   Can the pptg cover bagels, coffee

 for the play dates.


LC End of Year Party-

Chris Morreas set up the date and location.  But maybe we could do it in late

 June or July since the end of the school year is so chaotic?   It is nice to celebrate some of the

 volunteers that don’t get much recognition.

Draft Budget- a rough draft of the budget

More $ to come from peralta in bloom, quilt, etc.  But peralta fund is down.  No good

 explanation.  Merchant donations down a bit. 

Can we send a peralta fund reminder,  i.e. Check to see if your card has expired.  Or if you got a new card….


Asks vs. reminder.  Can we email the whole reoccurring group?

Check in with ryann about follow up?  Can Lo Lo be in charge of that?

Should we talk about the budget to the greater population more often? Quarterly?

Garden is getting more funding because the grant is done.

Therapists have asked for more.

Classroom supplies…what if we portioned out $500/class??

Can we ask parents to buy classroom items for specific classroom?  Better if we don’t go by specific classrooms so no one gets their feelings hurt. 

Is this the budget we want to present at the pptg meeting as the provisional budget?


June PPTG Agenda?

Go over the budget.  We don’t pass the budget til august.



AuthorSteve Mundro