Meet and Greet w/ Ms. Giselle

  • Introductions

Copier Update

  • Ms. Giselle - Thank you PPTG for the donation
  • District has the money; requisition request has been made; Toshiba knows the 3 copiers we want; we are responsible for both purchasing and maintenance
  • We will purchase 55 pages per minute copiers (18k) and leave some 3K for maintenance (that’s how we will use 22k)
  • Some of the additional money can be used for field trip costs (big overnights in the higher grades) since no grant has been received this year for field trips
  • Some of the funding was lost since we lost Title I funding last year

Heart & Balance Therapists

  • Organizations that provide service on the campus must be registered as partners
  • Heart & Balance is in the process of becoming registered partners of the district
  • Then they will be authorized to provide service
  • Juliana - In the past there has been MOU in place between H & B and district since their first time

Livescan Event

  • 40+ people came
  • Some new faces 😊
  • The person from Livescan was fast and efficient
  • Request same person to come in during Garden day next year
  • Any chances of getting TB test on campus


  • Almost there
  • 92% of them in
  • Confirmation email to go out and then off to printing

Peralta Fund

  • Got some corporate matching
  • Super close to target already (137K so far and target is 140 K)


  • Getting branded useful prizes
  • New feature – book donation for prizes
  • Same food trucks as last year: Mexican and Steak food
  • Tables and Chair donated by same Peralta parent

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Looking good on many big asks
  • We missed sending out volunteer form in the welcome packets
  • We may send the form home still
  • Need – salad bar and garden workday
  • May need push for salad bar recruitment – PPTG Chair will send email


  • No auction chairs for 2017-2018 yet
  • 3 people signed up for major slots but no one for chair
  • Work for the auction would start October or later and peak in February
  • Next action - A louder ask for auction chairs / committee before thinking about a backup plan

Oct PPTG Meeting topics

  • An outside speaker
  • Ice cream party
  • Picture day alternatives?
AuthorSteve Mundro