Staffing Updates

  • Current secretary is temporary
  • The permanent secretary will start in December
  • Thursday before school starts we found out that Ms. Danesse is leaving; Jamillah for after care is new K aide and the new after school hire will be K aide. These 2 new aides are replacing Katie DeFriez and Daneese
  • Ms. Larranga and Ms. Stewart are sharing 5th grade class because Ms. Larranga is using maternity leave. Ms. Larranaga 3 days/wk Ms. Stewart 2 days/wk until December. Then Ms. Larranaga full-time.

Welcome Packets

  • Feedback on all white color papers – cumbersome for Ms June – may be?

Incoming Families

  • Incoming families seem very informed and happy
  • It helped to have Ms. Sherice at the orientation
  • Had 2 out of 4 parties – they went well

Back to School Night

  • Peralta fund – ready for the back to school night pitch in classrooms
  • Room parents needed for certain classrooms
  • Peralta Directory – need to collect some information on incoming families

The copiers

  • Handed the check for copiers – requisition number for this week
  • So, we may have to keep Ricoh copiers longer – this will have budget implications
  • Must continue paying for leasing Ricoh copiers until OUSD requisition process goes through - could take a month or so

September Volunteer Fair

  • Volunteer coordinators
    • Emailing event heads to confirm they are ready
    • No Auction Chair
    • Grant / Sponsorship writers?

Contracts: K/Aide, Heart and Balance

  • Gates / Nuts / Volunteer: Need to do a lot "by the book" with the new principal - as a new principal, she is under a lot more scrutiny from the district to do things the right way
  • Contracts need to be more specific – not vague as previous years
  • Heart and Balance therapists – contract with OUSD and PPTG will pay for it. Heart and Balance will become an OUSD partner. PPTG may need to go through a certification program to become OUSD partner
  • Student of the month program – we want to continue!

The gates / security protocol

  • Questions for this can be submitted to be discussed in the September PPTG meeting – suggestion to Giselle by PPTG

Other business?

PPTG Meeting Topics

  • New principal
  • Volunteer fair
  • October 
    • Peralta Rising? Or more "get to know you" with new principal?
  • November
    • Some of the November meeting for PRJSG
  • December
    • Cookies and fun in the meeting - Eleanor won't be available.
AuthorSteve Mundro