PPTG meeting - August 7, 2013

Welcome, Introductions

Garden Work Days: This Saturday (August 28)- A LOT to be done. Come by! Cutting/Cleaning

First Day of School: Monday, August 26th. August 25th, class lists will be listed on the 63rd St entrance.

Minimum Days: First week of School. School ends at 1:30

Peralta Pride Day: Bring your check book to buy new Peralta shirts

No School Labor Day: September 2nd, NO SCHOOL

Change in School Hours: 8:30-2:50, 8:30-1:30

Incoming Families Picnic: Saturday, August 24, 3:00-5:00pm. New families, please come, see the school, get more (practical) information.

Ashby Lumber – Peralta Day: 5% of profits from one weekend’s sales: $1765.70!!

Peralta Fund: Starts 1st day of school! More information will be coming. The Peralta Fund is the largest fund raising event of the year. 80% or more participation, tax-deductable, corporate-matchable.

Schedule Changes: Lots of large last minute schedule changes. Back to School night: August 29th at 6:30-ish (FIRST week of school!) No childcare provided (due to space constraints), make arrangements ASAP. Sept 11th: First PPTG meeting and SSC meeting (right before the PTTG meeting). First PPTG meeting of the year is the Volunteer Fair.

Personnel Changes: Jan (school admin) is back for this school year! New first grade teacher: Steven Davis. Comes to us with lots of K and 1st grade experience and art training. New 5th grade teacher to replace Linda Laithrop: Sarah Jane Kemp, coming to us with amazing references from out of state. Sarah Jane Kemp is already meeting with Ms. Laithrop and getting up to speed.


After school program: Sharice is returning! Classes up in the air. Any ApiraNet staff who applied to EBAC, will be returning. There will be PEACE beginning the first week of school, but no classes until 1-2 weeks following.

Budget Report via Ethan Andelman:

Good news/Bad news: $10,000 surplus from last year. This year we are budgeting a $25,000 deficit. We have accumalted $91,000 in the past few years. $16,000 in reserves. $87,000 has now been moved to “reserves” which is equivalent to 3 months operating costs. We now contract and are the sole source of income or many people. $23,000 in surplus that can be used.

Peralta Rising is money earmarked for capital campaigns left over from money donated after the school fire.


Peralta Fund numbers have been adjusted from June’s budget to reflect better knowledge.

Auction we have lowered expectations to reflect actuals.

Biggest change comes from externally funded grants: We only received $12,000 in grants down from $39,000 (2012-2013) which included a one time grant that we did not get again. Sea change in grant funding has changed how much money we can expect from grants. The new reality is that our students are well served and we are looking like we don’t need the money. Additionally, schools in general seem to not be being funded as the funding seems to be trending towards larger organizations that serve many schools.

MOSAIC is now a line item-we had originally budgeted for a full year, but are going to try for one semester this year to test how the program works on campus. In the past, MOSIAC has been paid for by the classes who attended. Now, the PPTG will cover the costs as MOSAIC has been integrated in the curriculum and no student should not be able to attend due to costs. Hopefully, the 4th grade class will step up fundraising to reflect this.

Spanish actuals were way over budgeted, because Spanish was part of Second Step and is now a line item. For next year, we will be working with Rosette to stay in budget.

The Sports budget has not been paid as Aspria Net has not invoiced for Coach’s time. Aspira Net had a great surplus after left year and it is possible that the money will be rolled to EBAC or we will not be invoiced for this. We are trying to confirm with AspiraNet, EBAC and Rosette what the plan will be. The sports’ budget is $31,900 and will solve this year’s debt problem if we do not have to pay it. Not clear when this will be resolved.

The Wright Institute will not be returning to campus next year to provide mental health care, EBAC will be providing 2 counselors to us this year, for a discounted rate ($9,000). TBD next year. Mrs. Meyers is working with EBAC to ensure smooth transition. In the past, 10% of students engage in mental health services. No counselors are provided by OUSD.

A reminder that these sorts of services are provided and paid for by the PPTG, NOT the OUSD.

Second Step is now provided by the Prep Teacher.

This year, the budgeted deficit will be taken care of by the past surplus, but going forward, fundraising will need to cover more expenses or the budget will need to be reduced.

Budget Approved Unanimously.

Rosette’s Report: So far it looks like no combination classes. Numbers are high. Our Title One money is always at risk. Room parents NEED to encourage all families to fill out applications. We’re not sure how Jerry Brown’s budget will effect us. We had no wiggle room in the budget, so in order to pay tenured salaries, we needed a bail-out. Salaries were approved, but so far there is no money for supplies. Stephen Davis has received a “Teacher of the Year” award. He is “delightful.” Sarah Jane Kemp comes from Tampa, Fl with a strong art/science background with 4-5 years of teaching experience. We’re excited to be back!

Volunteer Needs via Jo Rivers:  Trying to organize visual graphics to demonstrate needs. The volunteer coordinators will be working with the committees to give them better support and tools in recruiting volunteers. Still looking for people to do web updates, emergency prep, diversity Unity Co-Chair, Grants/Sponsorship, Budget shadow for Ethan. Every year we know what the events are, but we have a staffing crunch. Push for earlier staffing and more participation. Sept 11th PPTG meeting will include the volunteer fair. Chairs, please prepare pitch describing what you and what you need BEFORE the meeting (including a write-up to email out before hand especially for those who need volunteers ASAP).

Week Before School needs: There will be needs from the teachers-look for updates (or volunteer) from Juliana or Jo. Sonia needs bodies to put books on shelves in the library.

First Day of School Events: We need some volunteers to bring Kleenex and baked goods to comfort new K families in the K courtyard. (Let Juliana or Jo know or just show up.)

Incoming Families Mentoring/Parties: New families are welcome to a series of upcoming house parties.

New Business/clean ups.


AuthorSteve Mundro