Sept 11 2013

Attendance: 70



Please be law abiding and courteous parkers. Lots of complaints from neighbors the first week. Pet Food Express in the mornings, be aware of Street Cleaning on Mondays and Tues

Garden Work Day

Leah Rivers: Beautiful gardens come with work. Second Saturday of every month, bring the kids (who get to play)! This month’s will focus on painting picnic tables and the K-Pod gardens. Bring your own tools if you have them.

Fall Book Fair-Sept 24th-27th, Sonia will send out more info. Send kids to school with money or stop by after school to buy Scholastic books.

Picture Day Sept  26th/27th No online ordering. Order forms will go out before Picture Day.

Next PPTG- Oct 2


Sharice has been with Peralta for 6 years, this is the first year with EBAC. Over 200 kids are enrolled in afterschool. She has placed most in classes, but is still finalizing assignments. Sharice has new contact info (both email and cell phone). Sharice also plugged her extra-curricular: she is a dancer with a West African group that is performing soon at the Julia Morgan Center.

Paul Smith (Parent/PEACE liason): If you want to contact a parent with PEACE questions, you can get a hold of Paul or Lila Dramiel. Paul recommends checking in with the afterschool staff about your kids to stay informed.

Safe Routes to School

Raphie: Looking for new organizer. Organizer works with Safe Routes to School (a non-profit in Oakland funded by County). Encourage students to bike/walk/roll to school. Last year included a bike maintenance workshop. Don’t need to be on campus too much- give out stickers on monthly Bike-to-School day.

Peralta Fund

Laura: It’s going super well, tracking with past trends, but not there yet!  Some classes are close to 80%, some not so much. Peralta Fund is HALF of PPTG budget. We take donations of all sizes and all sizes of donations really do matter. Campaign end Sept 27th. Bill and Monica are taking over the Fund next year. Laura is looking to the community to send out community-wide emails explaining why they give to the Peralta Fund.

Kwame from Oakland Parents Together, describing the SSC meeting: This is Kwame first visit to Peralta. He describes the SSC meeting as the place to find out where funding is going to and how to help the Principal (Rosette). Oftentimes SSC involvement later leads to School Board and City Council Membership. Platform for hashing out ideas that define budget allotments.

What is SSC: School Site Council: 51% parents, decision body regarding Title 1 funding that contributes to after school programs, etc. Parents support Teachers and Principal to make budget decisions (including staffing considerations).  But way to understand and advocate for school funding

Oakland Parents Together: organization of small group of Oakland Parents who are all working together to advocate for students and schools, district wide. OUSD issues are addressed (ie when schools were being closed, Oakland Parents Together organized protests).

The agenda and minutes from the SSC meetings are posted in a blue folder in the office. Today’s meeting was well attended, and appointments are filled.

Principal’s Report

Transition from SSC discussion: Upcoming debate is on State Funding. We are waiting to understand how the new funding affects us.

Thank you to those who showed up at Title 1 and SSC meetings – look for future meeting info in the bulletins.

Have we fallen below the 35% cut off (of free lunch qualifying students) which will affect our Title 1 standing?

Maybe! Probably, this year. Title 1 pays for part of Sonia’s contract- Rosette is working to resolve this.

Why Get Involved?

There is a spot for everyone! Help fill in the holes that the state leaves us with.

VOLUNTEER FAIR by Jo Rivers (Koichi, co-chair not present)

Big 4: the following events are our most important and need help from everyone:

                  -Walk-a-thon: Sun Oct 20, 2pm

-Diversity Dinner: Sat Nov 2, 4-8pm Great event! Every family brings a dish from their culture to share with the community. Please sign-up to help with this event-day of set-up or event organization. Please contact Jo Rivers if you’d like to help. Not a fundraiser, just fun!

                  -Auction: Sat March 29th

                  -Peralta in Bloom: Sat May 17th

Ethan is looking for a shadow to help with budget

Sonia Perez is here to ask for help in organizing the Diversity Unity committee to promote diversity at Peralta including education classes (2x a year) and classroom help. DU is funded through the MOSAIC program.

Etienne runs the salad bar with her co-chair, Erica, Salad bar shifts are for 2 hours, 11am-1pm. Great way to get to see the kids and get to know kids throughout all grades.  You can volunteer as much or little as your schedule allows. We need back-ups. Must be TB cleared, but it is a very easy job. Training is next Tuesday or Friday. Lots of fun!

Walk-a-thon: Sarah McGee and Erin Dare (co-chairs). Kid Powered fund raiser to support the PPTG. Growing every year. Fun family event. Prizes and bands and medal ceremony and BBQ! Kids are doing the walking, parents need to be there to ensure kid safety, set-up/tear down, sell tickets, etc. Families are encouraged to walk with their kids.

Drop off Zone: Darryl Cobb: Drop-off zone started when we were having problems with North St neighbors (which should be PERDESTRIANS ONLY). Safety patrol (manned by kids) help unload your kids at drop-off on Dana St. 3 Adult stations every morning: cross-walk guard, line supervisor (watches kids on safety patrol), and after-bell support (gets safety patrol kids to class and mans drop-off zone after school bell). Please come by after morning bell for the last 10 minutes.

Auction: Ryann Cheung: Auction has roles that require time now or time later-see Ryann to help out. There are lots of different jobs. Auction is a great way to hang out with other parents with NO KIDS!

Peralta in Bloom: Daniel: All parents on board! Big party day full of games, art projects, good food, music! Cakes! Any ideas for booths, contact Daniel! Underwritten by ads sold in the programs-another place to volunteer.

Parents Night Out: Inexpensive babysitter for a night. $20/first kid, $15 for each additional. 6pm-10:30pm. Drop off kids to watch a movie, do some crafts, listen to music. Need parents to hang out with kids.

Thank you for coming! Thank you Ellen!


AuthorSteve Mundro