PPTG Mtg: People should use drop off zone--safer for everyone.

Friday--brewing and W and Roll only if not much rain Walk a thon: Grossed 29,000; expenses covered by ticket sales Bring in Walkathon checks!

PNO: 20 signed up; make $400 after expenses sign up sheet sent around if anyone else wants to sign up Starts 6:30 to 10; our PNO rocks!

Sports Basement--offered program for a week if you say you are from Peralta you get 10% off and 10% goes to Peralta; all other time 10% off to customers and 5% back to school Great rental prices too! Get the word out! Real Estate donation program still in effect, send house hunters Stephen's way!

Rosette: Thinking of doing next gen grant: met w/ consultatnt group with how we want to move the school forward. Good mtg We are trying to pull in resources $20,000 to 100,000 extend what we already do well change school schedule to allow teachers to collaborate more exploring technology we can use--big part of grant; tech for art non graded classrooms A lot of awards to charter schools--people think we are a charter Can not use grant money for facility upgrades Adam knows people who know people; Rosette asked him to come to her meetings. Science Fair--Rosette was doing some non competitive but projects got so poshe apparent the parents were doing most of it OUSD recently pushed for solar panels Shrunk our enrollment down for next year so we have less budget--but we have been having big classes, so there may be some wiggle room New counselor--talking w/ teachers; Miss Vivian from JFK University Masters in Counseling. Teachers make a referral; Everyone is very happy--teachers, staff.

Ms Myers still needs stuff--for kids/adults; drop off at office

Lice check will not happen Friday, will happen in New Year. R/S because schedule conflicts Will try for another Friday

We then participated in an ice breaker where we talked about words that describe the Peralta community.

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