PPTG Meeting

November 4,2015



Walk and Roll to School Day-Nov. 6

Shoo the Flu-Nov. 6

Peralta Pride Day-wear peralta gear!-Nov. 6

Peralta Fund Ice Cream Social-still needs some volunteers!

Veterans Day-No School – Nov. 11

Garden Work Day--November 14th-fourth grade

Kindergarten Open House- Nov. 12

Kindergarten Tours – start Nov. 17

Teachers Thanksgiving Feast – Nov. 18

No School- Thanksgiving Break--Peace if 20 kids sign-up!

Next PPTG meeting-Wednesday, Dec. 2, 6-8pm


Key Topics


Walkathon Recap

88 walkers used crowd rise

30 5th grade walkers (best 5th grade showing in years!)

sold out of baked goods

2 event donors

7 in kind sponsors

$ raised + sales for baked goods over $35,000 so far!!!


Michelle Quinn---improvement update on Claremont, they had a fire last February.

Claremont reviewing options.  Multi-year process.  

Big vision is to change the outdoor area.


Diversity Dinner

November 7th

Lots of food/dance

Bring a dish

Wear clothing that represents your culture

Photo booth in K court yard

Still need help with Set up and Clean up


Third Grade Teacher-Marie Stewart

Examples of recent student work…writing, math



Data analyst-Rinat Freid works for OUSD and a Peralta parent

A data analyst gets files after the test is taken.  The goal is to give feedback as fast as possible to be helpful.

SBAC is a computer adaptive test.  It hones in on what a kid needs…it can scale up or down

Computer Adaptive tests yield more info at the top and bottom of the range of students

Depth of knowledge

Level 1  recall and reproduction

Level 2 skills and concepts

Level 3 short term strategic thinking

Level 4 extended thinking


Sbac has some demanding track pad/ drag and drop skills

Kids have to be proficient on computers

Chrome books are small and can malfunction


Resources…ousd homepage. Go to families.  There is a sample test.  Video to interpret your kids scores.   


How does sbac compare to sri?  No comparison.  


Within OUSD there were really stark differences in scoring depending on race, economics, etc

This test is geared to those who have more.  More experience more money.


Peralta did better than most schools similar to our demographics.


Teachers---this test is giving a lot more data.  Useable data.


The children at Peralta are critical thinkers.  Classrooms are rich.   Testimony to the peralta


This(test) could all change depending on politics.  

How are we able to help all kids succeed.  How can this impact all kids.


Principals Report

Enrollment projections- Down 8 kids-still 13 teachers

Don’t know the budget yet

Looks like there will be a combo class.


Volunteer Needs---Need a pptg president shadow!!!!




AuthorSteve Mundro