Attendance: 32

Apr 3-Walk and Roll to School, Peralta Pride Day and Brewing Community

Apr 2-SBAC tests begin (schedule on hand-out in back-packs)

Apr 11-Garden Work Day

Apr 6-10-Spring Break (For PEACE, sign up before tomorrow)

Apr 22-Administrative Professionals Day – Make cards for Jan or anyone in the office!

May 1-Math Olympics

May 6-Next PPTG Meeting

SBAC/Leah Jensen -

Presentation on the New State Tests – SBAC

Test developed to test new Common Core standards

Common Core curriculum

3 areas of shift that OUSD has focused on in adopting Common Core

-Discussion-based learning

-Reading informational texts at grade level

-Writing argumentatively

College, Career and Community Readiness (Higher reading levels, better executive functioning, good citizenry)


                  “Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium”

                  Grades 3-8 opens March 30th

                  Grade 11 opens April 20th

CST still exists for science, is paper/pencil, (Grade 8)

English and Math; Computer-based; Adaptive Test (unique test) for each student; 4 Item Types and Performance Task; Results in 2-4 weeks

Written part is typed (unlimited time)

Total of 7 hours (between English and Math)

Parents will receive test scores in 2-4 weeks

***Rosette: No API this year (CA state), but Fed is still demanding a AYP – State is appealing the Feds. Rosette described the exams being difficult and frustrating. Rosette’s understanding is that the exam scores will not be in the children’s files, but this is unknown. “We are not encouraging parents to opt out.” (If you are interested in opting out, contact Juliana for information. However, if Peralta does not test a certain percentage there might be negative consequences.)

                  Parents can take the practice test online to get a sense of question types and interface

                  There are supports built in for all students including dictionaries, test-to-speech, etc

How can parents help:

Keyboarding practice (no more than 5 minutes), google: SBAC keyboard commands, Khan Academy practice tests, StarFall (for little ones)

Principal Report

If you have neighbors who didn’t get into the school, make sure their names are in the book in the office.

Kids are great, they will always do their best, no pressure on these tests. If they don’t want to practice at home, don’t.

Auction Recap

Netted $47,000!!

Numbers were down (attendance-wise)

New software allowed more people able to bid (including from home)

Keep signing up for Pay-to-Plays ($5,000 worth of spots left outstanding)

Yard Sale/Chris

Joint fundraiser between us and Claremont Middle School

You can still drop off donations (not this weekend, maybe next-check emails)

Saturday, April 25th at Peralta

If anyone wants to halp with the marketing-contact Chris

Quilt Raffle

April 30th- Packets go home. Money goes to fund the art project

Peralta in Bloom/Anthony/Richard/David

May 16th

Looking for Super Volunteers to run stations at PiB especially a Marketer and Sponsorship-helper

Talk to Anthony in you are interested in proposing a new activity

Bloom Home Sponsorship $2,500

Free small-business fundraisers around:

Sports Basement 10%-15% if you mention Peralta > plug in Peralta (or use the affiliate link, which makes Peralta more money)

If Bloom Homes sells/buys your house, Peralta gets a cut

Look out for an email for volunteering opportunity slots available!


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