Attendance: 40

Jan 9-Walk and Roll to School  and ~possibly~ Brewing Community

Jan 12-Schoolwide Lice Check: If you want to opt-out, a form has been sent home and there are extras in the office.

Jan 19-MLK Jr Day-No school, also no PEACE

TBD-LC Meeting                  - Let Juliana know if you’re interested in intending and she will give you the date and place.

Jan 30 – professional development day – No School – maybe. This might be changed but would be a make-up storm day. But PEACE will be open if there is no school.

Lowes Grant –A group led by Jen Sokolove wrote a grant for an outdoor space outside of Ms Killbrew’s class, includes $4200 to buy stuff from Lowes. But the community will do the work.

Jan 16-Incoming Kindergarteners-enrollment applications due

Feb 4-Next PPTG meeting, dinner at 6:00, meeting at 6:30, childcare provided

Auction/Mark and Etienne

March 7th at the Uptown

Prom-themed (interpret it as you wish) “Who doesn’t love a prom…as an adult?”

New auction support people with better tech support and online auction-You will have to bid with your phone.

Working to involve more people in the community and tap into Oakland’s new growth for acquisitions.

More tickets sold.

Volunteers needed: Beer wagon! (talk to Etienne)


A peace project to help learn things like conflict resolution, dove-tails with Second Step, includes overnight camp and on-campus component.

Jan 22nd-(or Jan 21st?) Parent info night for 4th graders

Feb 4th-Teacher workshop

Feb 4th-Parent training evening

Feb 9th- 2 assemblies (break school into 2 age groups) and discuss MOSAIC values

Late April-Info session for 4th graders


Drop off your kids, go out.

Dec’s grossed $780, after expenses, $680.

6 parents, 30-40 kids needed for February’s upcoming PNO

Principal’s Report/Rosette

Budget is a big concern-new funding formula is appearing to leave a huge hole. Looking like $100,000 right now. Might need to lose a substitute.

Volunteer Needs/Sarah:

Need additional secretary for PPTG and LC meetings.

Community-wide fundraiser coordinator

OUSD Board Meeting/Jody London (our school board rep)

Strategic Plan was updated in November

Jody’s 6th year on the school board, just elected vice-president, school board lines line up with city council, feels positive about new superintendant.

Measure N was passed to support middle and high school students in career readiness. Trying to establish more internships and relationships with local businesses. Each school needs to put together a plan of how they will role this out and use the money. Looking for volunteers for the 3 new committees (Effective Talent Programs, Accountable School District, Quality Community Schools), for Measure B over sight committee, the Measure G parcel tax oversight, the audit committee-meets 1x/month or quarterly. Deadline all for Jan 15th.

2003-2009, OUSD was in State Receivership. During this time, the OUSD was not audited. Because of this, our bonds have cost us more interest. Since, we have completed a clean balance sheet audit.

New technology plan-working on getting the classrooms connected in order for kids to be ready for

New grants to focus on early-childhood ed. Working on new strategic plan.

First district in the country to establish an office for African American Male Achievement (now to be office for  Equity).

$100 million loan from the state. $6mill/year we don’t get from the state. (80% of our budgets come from the state.)

Local Funding Formula: All districts get a per-pupil base and then get additional funding for ESL, foster-youth, low-income students. OUSD now has to develop an annual plan to demonstrate to the state how the funding will be spent. School Site Council will help determine how this money is spent.

California still ranks towards the bottom in per-pupil spending.

Prop 30 – 5 year tax. We will need replacement funds.

We will be rebuilding central offices replacing with learning/teaching center.

Zero-Net Energy Campus: Aggressive Green Building campaign in Oakland.

1.5 billion dollars of need in OUSD in facilities, as identified in a 2012 committee. Measure J addressed some needs, but more is needed. All of the solar projects will save 1.5 million dollars annually.


AuthorSteve Mundro