PPTG Meeting                                        

Sept. 9, 2015


  • Introductions

Juliana - President

Elizabeth – Co-Treasurer

Laurian – Co-Communications

Sarah – Volunteer Coordinator

Kim - Google Groups Coordinator

      Keith – Co-Treasurer

      Angie – Co-Secretary



  • Parking/Drop off Zone

PLEASE follow traffic rules and be respectful of Peralta’s neighbors.

We are doing a very good job so far this year.

  • Brewing community-Friday, September 11th

Parents  get together after drop off for coffee and bagels

  • Garden work day – Saturday, September 12 from 9-1

5th grade is hosting this one but all are welcome.  Come when you can.

  • Fall Book Fair – September 22-25

We will be receiving info in backpacks soon.

  • Picture Day(s) -  Monday/Wednesday  Sept 28 & Sept 30

Info coming home in backpacks.  Pictures will be done by Roots and Shoots

Make-up day is November 19th

  • Next PPTG Meeting – Wednesday, October 7, dinner at 6, meeting at 6:30

Sponsered by 5th grade.  

Someone from the district will be here to explain more about the SBAC test results. We will be receiving the results in the mail sometime in September.



  • Peralta Fund

Shoot for 80% participation.  

Donors like to see the high participation rate.  Leads to better funding.


  • Peralta/Bloom Homes

Real Estate Fund- Refer a home buyer or seller to Stephen Bloom and Bloom Homes       donates part of their commission from the sale to the PPTG         


  • Principal’s Report

Smooth transition at the beginning of school.  Thanks to parents and students.

SBAC test scores are out.  Peralta did very well.  

We support thinking, and the tests results show that.

Need help with earthquake preparedness.


  • Why Get Involved?

      This school runs on volunteers!

      Younger classes need lots of parent volunteers

      Everyone can find something, it doesn’t have to be in the classroom.

      We need every adult to participate in some way in the big 4 events for them to work.  

      Need new google group volunteer!

      For major roles, we ask that you do it 2 years.  1 year to learn, 1 year to teach.



VOLUNTEER FAIR…the Big 4 and More!


1.Walk-A-Thon- Oct. 25

The only kid powered event

Family Friendly

Live Entertainment/Food/Prizes


2.Diversity Dinner-Nov. 7


Need help planning

The only major event that is NOT a fundraiser.

3. Auction-March 5

We still need someone to coordinate this event!

You can put your stamp on it, while still getting help from people who have done it in the past.

It is at the Uptown body and Fender.   


4. Peralta in Bloom-May 14

Giant School Carnival

Live music/Food/Face Painting


5.Safety Patrol

4th and 5th graders help at the Drop Off Zone

Still need more parent volunteers.


6.  Garden Play Dates

2nd Saturday of the month

1 grade sponsors each month


The gardening program is looking for parents to water in the morning.

Trying to switch to more edibles.  Received a grant to produce more food.

Create a culture of food sharing

Bed preparation. Weeding needed.

Donate seedlings. Need winter veggies


7. Salad Bar-

From 11-1 every day.

Prepare veggies for salad bar. The only part of lunch that isn’t wrapped in plastic.

There would be no fresh veggies if parents didn’t volunteer.

Once a week/once a month...

It is a great way to get to know the kids.


There is now a group that meets to discuss Learning Differences.

Meeting to help share resources, experiences, etc.  There will be a meeting at the end of September.  


AuthorSteve Mundro