• Confirm time of talent show 6-7:30!!!
  • Bookstore is for 1st-5th.  The kids come and shop.  They love it.  Need men's items.  
  • Tues-thurs minimum day
  • June 9 last day of school
  • June 11 last garden day
  • Still looking for people to help water during the summer.
  • Next pptg in August. Budget confirmed

Peralta in Bloom-recap

Very successful.  Made about $11,500.  Goal was $12,000

Community came through again.  Working on setting next years date.  May 13 but may switch because of ride for a reason date conflict.  Felt a little lighter than last year.  Barbecue went well without pulled pork,  so we might permanently drop that.


Budget update-

We expect to have some small increases in fundraising.

Expenses-one big change is $14000 ask from Rosette.   Because of loss of title 1 funding, etc.

So there are things that the school can’t afford—furniture, medical supplies, etc.

LC voted to buy most of the things on the list.

Maintenance line is new.  That's because of title 1

Adjusted art budget down to be in line with actual expenses.

Actuals through July

Surplus of $10,000-$15,000

Overnight is off because of the fact that there are 2 new 5th grade teachers.

13 classes but 4 new teachers so things getting moved around. (Desks, rugs, etc)

In the summer we find out what we actually made and actually spent.

Also in the summer we find out about a few grants.

We voted on the budget and it passed.


Social/Emotional Health of Girls-

Lynn Johnson- cofounder of Spotlight girls

Go Girls camp

Save the world….one girl at a time

What are some things we need saving from….




Absence of kindness


Environmental issues



How do we address any of this??

“The world needs a revolution led by women.”-Desmond Tutu


Woman are really underrepresented in the workforce.  Often undervalued.  

Social landscape- violence and explotation

Lack of access to education, health care, and other vital services

“The most important problem that the world faces is a lack of compassion.”-Dalai Lama


Lloving all of life, including myself, no matter what.

9 skills of compassion------





5-Self knowledge






Why girls?

As a society we allow women and girls their emotions up to a point.  We don’t allow boys and men that at all.


Spotlights Mission:

Ignite a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage.

Learn skill through art and play.  Stories and creative interactions


5 point Culture Code-

Say Yes!

-I am ready for anything

-I say yes to keep the fun going

-I say no to keep myself safe


Give and Take

-I give to others and I am happy

-I take in the good and I am healthy

-I am a Go Girl and I belong


Make Mistakes

-I am not perfect

-I celebrate myself for learning and trying

-I get to grow and change


Feel my Feelings

-I feel happy and angry and everything in between

-I can cat calm….even if I’m not


Take center stage

-I make bold brave choices

-I the the power of my voice

-I am part of the whole play


*Bringing it Home

1 model the culture code yourself

2 Listen more and talk less

3 More encouragement. Less praise

4 Practice the skills of boundary setting

5 Take time for contemplative practices-finding time for mindfulness


Growth mindset


What about boys?

East bay school for boys

It is hard to find things like this but for boys.


Volunteer Needs---

Communication co chair


Peralta pride-come to events to sell tshirts

Yahoo moderator

Quarter master-purchases things, plates, sporks, etc

Fundraising chair

Budget person


Principal Report

-not all neighborhood kids got in.


CSEC-Susan Andrien

Behavior health manager

Commercial sexually exploited children-The exchange of anything for sex. Children are recruited and exploited.

46% of child explotation in California occurs in Alameda Co.

Training everyone we can so that people are more informed.

99% of all kids who are exploited are girls.

69% African American girls

Every Oakland middle school and high school has reported a student who is being exploited.


How does it happen-tactics

Girls who are being exploited used to recruit other girls

Social media.

Xbox-online-(we need to talk to our kids before they start online)


The average age is 11-12.  

We need to understand what the risks are in order to protect each other.


One of Peralta students is missing and being exploited.  

There is an active investigation.  If your child is contacted by her they ask that your child should not respond but instead take a screen shot of the text and send it to the DA.

Teen safe.com is a good resource on how to talk to your kids about this.

Kids get misinformation.  So it's good to talk to your kids.

Upper grade kids-be more direct.  Be as clear as you can to tell them that there are risks.  Try to open up the dialogue.  Talking is the most important thing.

If they are friends with the student that is missing, you need to be very clear about what you want them to do if she gets in contact.

Talking to younger kids- similar to stranger danger.

Build up their self esteem. Because the stronger they are emotionally the less likely they are to be prey.

Kid Power is a great workshop.


90% of exploiters have been exploited themselves


Starting to work on a curriculum for elementary ages

Prop 35 increased the fines and penalties for exploitations


How can we help?  

Immediate help is needed with grant writing.


AuthorSteve Mundro