Roots and Shoots

  • Trying to go paperless
  • Kristel will post paperless link

Book Fair

  • $5K/yr income
  • Cash register shifts 
  • 2 or 3 parents for each shift
  • Wed Oct 10 - Sat Oct 13 last day is garden work day
  • Free book if you sign up

Next PPTG mtg: 

  • Ellen will prepare dinner
  • Presentation on famous alumnus, amazing story, 
  • If you want an agenda item added to the meeting email pptg chairs

Safety Patrol

  • Group of 12ish kids that help children get out of cars and cross the cross walk
  • Adult volunteer needed for Thursday morning @ 8:10
  • Also looking for somebody to take over

Brewing community

  • 1st & 3rd Fridays, near entrances coffee and pastries
  • Current chair is leaving need a new chair

Stephen Bloom Presentation (Bloom Homes)

  • Donate portion of their real estate fee to Peralta
  • Daughter is an alum, they love the community and like to continue to support
  • $2,100 from buying home for James Bolton

Peralta Fund

  • Lolo Villarin is the Peralta Fund Lead
  • Largest fundraiser for Peralta, 2/3 of entire budget
  • About half way through fundraising
  • 37% participation, 80% = ice cream party, also critical threshold to qualify us for grants b/c it indicates parent participation
  • Not sure if email went out to kinder families, need to address that
  • Peralta fund needs to raise about $150K
  • Will need volunteer ice cream scoopers and you will be hearing a lot from Lolo in coming weeks. 

PPTG; Kristel introduction: co-chair, we make the school what it is, important roles

  • Treasurer
    • Gathering and depositing funds
    • Reconciling
    • Answering questions
    • Good behind the scenes volunteer opportunity
  • Auction
    • Chair needed
    • Chair makes sure subcommittees are doing their work
    • Largest fundraising event, makes over $50K
    • Subcommittees:
      • party planning
      • gathering of things side
      • tech side (info gets into auction site)
    • Bood for an extravert
  • Peralta in Bloom
    • Spring festival
    • Community building event
    • Need parents to take over the coordinating the event
  • Ms. Meyers book store
    • Donate lightly used items
    • Kids get book dollars and kids by gifts
    • Parent needed to run the book store
    • Smallish time commitment

Peralta Newsletter

  • Raquel is the chair
  • Email her about things to put in the newsletter, including pictures, party publication for PPTG, keep people informed and curate the craziness, interview a teacher or staff member

Salad Bar

  • Brand new chair
  • 11-1, good way to spy on your kid at lunch
  • Volunteers needed

Grant Writing Committee

  • Ryan Brown is the chair
  • Traditionally we received lots of grants but not last year so we need to do some prospecting,
  • Ryan has access to grants databases
  • Need volunteers particularly w/ experience writing grants

Bike to School Day

  • Ashley
  • Two scheduled in Oct and May
  • Could expand if we get more volunteers


  • Oct 14 Sunday, 12 – 4:30
  • Only kid driven fundraiser, kids ask for pledges
  • Large fundraiser
  • Volunteers needed: 90 minute shifts
  • Food trucks
  • Bake sale
  • Music, awards, t shirts

Racial Justice Group

  • Opportunity to participate w/ other parents
  • Discuss racial inequity at school and beyond
  • 4th Tuesday of every month
  • District policies, intervening around budget cuts, info liaison between district and school


Nov 2017 PPTG Meeting Notes:


  • Adults: 32
  • Children: 15

4th Grade and cooking class helped with today’s awesome food!


  • Brewing community
    • Friday, Nov 3 – Dana St. entrance
    • Friday, Nov 17 – 63rd street entrance
  • Garden workday – Saturday, Nov 4
    • Planning daffodils
  • Welcoming Dinner – Sat, Nov 4
  • Prospective family’s night – for prospective families
  • Veterans’ day – No school on Friday, Nov 10th
  • Thanksgiving break – No school Nov 20-24
  • Minimum days conference – Tuesday – Friday, Nov 28 – Dec 1
  • No December PPTG meeting
  • Garden workday & Time capsule – Special event and special alumni guests!
    • Saturday, Dec 9 – 9 am to 1 pm
  • Winter break – No school (Dec 25 – Jan 5)
  • Next PPTG meeting – Wednesday, February 7, 6-8 pm
  • Bloom homes – Stephen bloom realtors – Donates to school: $30 k so far
  • Walkathon – Update
    • Great walkathon
    • We raised $40k - $3k more than last year
    • 223 walkers this year
    • Please complete the survey or talk to Kelly or Scotia
    • Considering doing it earlier this year so it doesn’t conflict with mini maker fair
    • Thank you to all volunteers

4th grade update

  • Ana Thomas:
    • Peralta graduate profile: communicate; inquire; practice stewardship; engage and persist; collaborate; think critically
    • Swapped classes (1/2 hour for 6 weeks)
      • Basic researching techniques
      • Used chrome books
      • Guppies – are livebearers!
    • Make students lifelong readers – Donohue
    • Video on book reviews by Fiona
    • Video on division algorithm by David and other students
    • Marine Science – Thank you PPTG for paying to this program
    • Every single class will be touching marine animals
    • Video from Jayla on thank you PPTG – thank you PPTG for all field trips and marine science program
    • Video on Marine science by Keyla
    • Bigger 3D printing with Katrina – has knowledge of technology; author of book Maxed out
    • Future activities: one model per month; local insects (electricity integrated with art); stained glass window art; archaeology
  • Susan Killebrew:
    • Most important thing – know themselves as learners
    • And understand intelligence – multiple intelligence
    • Intelligence learning in human brain on science
    • Neurons; Synapsis
    • Practice; positive self-talk
    • Example: Instead of saying “I am not good at this” I will ask “What do I need to help myself”
    • Moving into aquatic environments
    • Field trip to Lake Merritt
    • Math – mathematical conversations in the class amongst students
    • Instead of saying “that’s wrong” we say “can you explain your thinking?”
    • Reading & Writing – a lot of reading is about reading as writers so we can learn from established authors with blurbs on the back
    • Future – big boat trip at the end of the year: students learn everything (like hoisting the said and night-watching) they need to do on a ship: year is 1906
    • 2 goals – develop historical empathy and develop collaboration skills
    • Swap was good

Welcoming dinner – Saturday, Nov 4 from 4:30 to 8 pm

  • Still some volunteer positions open
  • Dance class; professional photographer; Passport activities
  • No signing up required for professional photographs

Peralta Racial Study Justice Group (Jonathan; Ellie; Lili, Shannon)

  • Formed last year
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Couple of initiatives
    • Teach – In
    • Equity assessment (working with SSC – school site council)
  • Very excited to be co-hosting Welcoming Dinner
  • Meetings are usually at home but may have some in school this year
  • Community Agreements:
    • Speak your truth
    • Take risks
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Step up / Step back
    • Be responsible for your impact. Even if it's different than your intent
    • Oops / Ouch
  • Discuss more in group and then break into partner groups
  • Ellie –
    • Attended a PPTG meeting inequities in OUSD were presented
    • Two women shared about micro aggression
    • Micro aggression – definition by Jonathan: comment / tone / action given without any malicious intention but someone feeling hurt or harm makes it unwelcoming / discriminating
    • I wasn’t satisfied with the response from the room
    • Similar event repeated in last PPTG meeting
  • Next: breaking into small groups for activity: discuss what feels vulnerable to you when you talk about race? At Peralta in your personal life, what’s at stake?


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