Welcome and thank you for coming.

Introductions around the room


First day of school - Monday, August 21, 2017

(That is the day of the solar eclipse.  OUSD may have a plan for observing and/or parents may coordinate a viewing.)

Minimum Days during the first week.

PEACE aftercare program starts the first day. 
Initially just meeting each other; PEACE enrichment classes start second week, forms to sign up for those will be sent home on first day. 

We have Early Care this year!  Starting on the first day, at 7:30 a.m.

Provided by EBAC, the same group that does PEACE.

PPTG committed (during June 2017 PPTG meeting) to cover the cost difference between what parents pay and the costs of the program, up to $5,000.

Are there still concerns about the past problem of parents not paying? (1) EBAC needs to better monitor the usage and collecting payments, holding parents more accountable; (2) part of the purpose of the $5,000 is to help cover if the reason people aren't paying is because they can't afford it.

We also need clarification that kids are not supposed to be here unsupervised before 7:20 (unless in Early Care), so some clear messaging will help.

Early Care is flexible, drop in, as long as you do an initial sign up.

Sherice is the point person for Early Care questions.

How should be best communicate with the parents?  There are PPTG emails, but anything else?  Sherice also emails from EBAC, when back from maternity leave.

  • Back to School Night - Thursday, August 31, 2017.
    • Get childcare, if possible, because not enough room to offer childcare for all kids.
  • Next PPTG Meeting - September 6, 2017
  • Garden:   First Work Day - Saturday August 12, 2017
  • Play dates for incoming families have been happening at Colby Park.
  • Incoming Families Orientation - August 19; 3:00-5:00
  • Walkathon:  Save the Date - October 22, 2017
    • NEED a Lead for Sponsorships and Donations
    • Email Eleanor, who will pass on to Scotia Miller and Kelly Holland

New Principal!

Two members of selection committee reported on process (Sarah Savage and Ryann Cheung):

Met (with teachers and staff member Charlezetta) shortly after the June OUSD community meeting;
Looked at the desires everyone submitted during community meeting - used that and teacher meeting materials to generate six questions to ask each candidate

Interviewed three people after extensive clearing process by OUSD; long comprehensive process by OUSD

Strict/formal interview process, ask everyone the same thing.

Giselle blew everyone away.  A lot of confidence and enthusiasm from the teachers as well as the parents.

Back to School Night will be the first time for large group meeting with her (comes before the next PPTG meeting).

Communication Side Issue:

Should we try a new system for communicating with parents - "Constella" - a new website to login to that can send messages to select groups more appropriately.  A lot of collective skepticism from the group, in part because we don't want a separate system that people have to login to, so a resounding NO. (Currently, we have some google group lists and school-wide blasts.)


Back story - Every June we approve a draft budget (as we did this year), which is a draft until the beginning of the school year because there are typically summer surprises from OUSD.

In the past, schools pay for toner and service on copiers leased by OUSD.  Last year, Rosette asked PPTG to pay for the maintenance costs, to free up her budget to pay for people, which we agreed to do ($15,000).  This year, OUSD decided to no longer lease copiers, so schools can choose to either continue the lease or purchase copiers (without money from OUSD).

Current Decision PPTG Needs to Make on Copiers:  (1) continue to pay the lease and maintenance on the current 2009/2014 copiers ($15,000 annually); or (2) pay for new copiers ($20K for the three machines) and going forward incur $2,000 annual service costs.

Can we do with two machines (instead of three)?  No. Input from teachers, and Rosette previously, is no way.

What do the teachers think? They say the current copiers are old and worn out.  They don't need color or fancy options, but they want a hole punch (only $200 machine feature).

The new machines apparently talk better to Google Docs so teachers can send documents, which they think is important and valuable.

What is the life of the new copiers?  5-7 years.

Is the predicted service cost on new copiers ($2K) locked in?  Does it impact the decision we're going to make? 

Eleanor to email Scotia Miller the proposed contract for new copiers, to review and give input.

Going through Budget Handout line by line

Deficit from last year - Why?  (1) overspending in art and mentors (the aides in the lower grades, and June and Asha - who worked a lot of extra hours last year because we did not have a secretary at the beginning of last year); (2) a grant not paid, but will be and we can use it this year.

Motion for, and official approval of "Proposed Budget 2" which includes authorization to buy new copiers (per handout).  Done!

New Secretary!  (Mr. H left)

Jessica Ramirez, from Hillcrest.  She is temporary, with us until December.

Kimberly Saechao is coming after that, after finishing maternity leave.  Her prior work is with OUSD.

Peralta Fund:

Tell Ryann Cheung (and paper sign up at the meeting) if you are willing to talk to your kids' class during Back to School Night to explain Peralta Fund.

Big Need this year, given the deficit last year.

A specific talking point this year could be focused on the copiers.

Question - Mosaic? - We are out of rotation schedule-wise, so we would have to see if we can fit in.  Are the teachers supportive?  We haven't asked them (5th grade) recently.  So it will depend on interest and availability.  So no money in this years budget for it.  But if we follow up on these questions, it could be possible for next year.  And it may be possible for the fifth graders to do an alternative program.

Volunteer Needs:

We have a new Google Groups person! Vivek Verma

We need a Diversity Dinner Coordinator - Ashley Dawn will do it!  (Just a dinner, separate and apart from the Racial Justice Study Group, which will continue.)
WE NEED AUCTION CHAIRS.  Ideally a 2-year commitment (to train someone during the second year).

What about corporate money, so we're not paying for everything ourselves over and over again?  Walkathon is looking for a corporate sponsor.....

Ideally, we want one person who oversees sponsorships across events for the entire year, instead of it being attached to different events - which we've been wishing for for several years.

We still have 13 classrooms, and we are not aware of teacher changes.  We do not know specifically how many third grades.

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