Student Achievement

There is much more to our students and to Peralta than just test scores. That said, we are proud that Peralta’s 2011 Academic Performance Index (API) of 937 was among the highest in Oakland Unified. Peralta students also did very well on the 2011 California Standards Test (CST). This test is administered to students in grades 2 through lists the summarized data.

For detailed data, visit the California Department of Education website. There is data for each grade in subject areas including English language arts, math, and science. In addition, there is analysis on how students from different ethnic and socioeconomic groups performed compared to each other. The testing period can be a very stressful time for all involved, and everyone should be proud of their efforts.

For a guide to understanding Calilfornia’s Standard Testing and Reporting (STAR), click here

Peralta’s African-American API Tops 800 Again

For the fourth year in a row Peralta’s African-American students API scores are above 800, the statewide target. Peralta’s African-American students had an API score of 857 in 2011, an increase over last year. Peralta strives to eliminate the achievement gap altogether.