2019 Welcoming Dinner, September 21st, 4-8pm

Pictures of the 2018 dinner

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Pot-luck Supper

This is the heart of our celebration – just sitting and eating together. Bring your favorite dish to share, enough for 8-10 people..

Free Family Portraits!

Professional photographer Chris Chun will take your family's portrait where it will hang on campus to reflect every face of our community.

Dance Party!

Dance outdoors, under the lights, with your kids, while a DJ spins the jams! Dance performance & workshop by Paula Dewart and PEACE Destiny Arts students

Let’s Play!

Make art and play games that help us all feel safe, included, and connected

Join us. Feel more connected. Know you belong.

The Welcoming Dinner is hosted at Peralta Elementary on Saturday, September 15, from 4-8pm. 

This free community event is co-sponsored by the PPTG and the Racial Justice Group. 

For more information or to volunteer, contact Ashley Dawn.

Welcoming Dinner 2017

Our first year under the new 'welcoming' banner, with a renewed emphasis on families and belonging. We put our beautiful families front and center, and then made prints of all the family portraits, which we later hung on the wall outside of the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms.  Our Faces of Peralta wall on campus visually reminded us of belonging and inclusion in our community.

To access the gallery of last year's photos, taken by Cindy Hegger, click here.

Diversity Dinner 2016

Latkes, lumpia, enchiladas, egg curry, pierogies, jalebees, wild boar and lamb stew... Face painters and henna designers and the folks rocking out on the dance floor… We ate until we couldn't move, and then we sat around and talked til we could eat some more. Thanks so much to all the parents who came and brought dishes, and all the volunteers who scrubbed them clean again. :-)

The Welcoming Dinner Dance Party

The Welcoming Dinner Dance Party