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Teachers and Staff



Rosette Costello, phone (510) 597-4967

Main Office

Jan Seagren, School Secretary, phone (510) 654-7365

Classroom Teachers


Ann Arbogast (Room 102)
Cassie Powell (Room 103)

First Grade

Pam Lucker (Room 104)
Stephen Davis (Room 101)

Second Grade

Suzette Hackett (Room 106)
Ann Larsen (Room 105)

Third Grade

Elisabeth Bandy (Room 108)
Marie Stewart (Room 109)

Fourth Grade

Susan Killebrew  (Room 107)
Ana Thomas (Portable C)

Fifth Grade

SarahJayn Kemp (Portable E)
Kelly Rozario (Portable D)


Paul Andrews, Custodian
Charlezetta Wilson, Custodian/Mentor
June Edwards, Noon Supervisor/Instructional Assistant/Mentor
Asha Washington, Noon Supervisor/Mentor
Lisa Beyer, Noon Supervisor/Mentor
Sonia Perez, Mentor/Spanish Teacher


Sonia Kreit-Spindt, Librarian/GATE Teacher/Title I Assistant
Jonathan Hasak, Resource Specialist
Nanette Holland, Resource Specialist Assistant
Coach Jonathon/Physical Education Leader
Ellen Oppenheimer, Artist-in-Residence (visual)
Trena Noval, Artist-in-Residence (digital)
David Tidball, Instrumental Music Teacher
Q B Williams, Music Consultant
Bonnie Lockhart, Music Consultant

After-School Program

Sherice Tyler, P.E.A.C.E. Program Site Coordinator