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Peralta’s active Diversity-Unity Committee organizes educational and social events throughout the school year. It’s goal is to ensure that all families — regardless of background, family structure or circumstance — feel at home at Peralta. Check out our Mission Statement:

Diversity-Unity Committee Mission Statement

The Peralta Diversity-Unity Committee’s mission is to build a school community where we learn from, celebrate, and grow our diversity. We honor each individual’s uniqueness and strive to bring our different experiences together to create peace, unity, and equity in our communities.

Our Work: Education, Advocacy, Building Community and Celebration


  • organizing educational forums to examine diversity and equity issues
  • supporting a curriculum around diversity and equity
  • practicing tools to solve problems that arise with families, teachers, and students


  • allocating resources to realize these goals
  • participating in the Leadership Council
  • advocating for the promotion of diversity at Peralta and OUSD

Building Community and Celebration

  • helping to build a diverse community of families, teachers and staff
  • sponsoring events that celebrate our diversity and unity
  • fostering a safe space for Peralta families and staff to explore difficult issues

Our Values

We believe our diversity is what makes our society strong. Peralta serves a community that is one of the most diverse in the world. In order to fully benefit from this strength, we must ensure equal access to the Peralta community for all and face the challenges that threaten our community’s great potential.

Our Vision

Our vision for the school is for all our members to value the dignity and worth of each of us and to commit to building an educational environment that promotes respect for others, appreciates individual and cultural differences, encourages social responsibility, and prepares our students to be leaders in an interdependent, and complex society.

Our Definition of Diversity

We define “diversity” in the broadest sense, including ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, physical, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identification as well as outlook and perspective.

Our Invitation

If you support the belief that a school community rich in diversity provides the greatest opportunity for students to grow and learn, please join us in our efforts! Contact Diversity-Unity Committee co-chairs Sean Nassiri, sean DOT nassiri AT gmail DOT com and Tess Unger, tessunger AT yahoo DOT com.

Diversity Unity Dinner

The Diversity Unity dinner is a special potluck when families from Peralta come to share the wealth of their culinary origins. Everyone is invited and no fundraising is involved. This is our chance to appreciate the patchwork heritage that makes the school so special. Start thinking about your favorite recipe. Read about last year’s dinner.