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Enrichment Programs

Every week, Peralta’s students enjoy a range of enrichment programs. Many of these are supported by parent by the Peralta Parent Teacher Group (PPTG) through fundraising, supplemented by public and private grants raised by parents and staff. Peralta has also developed several partnerships with Bay Area arts institutions, including the de Young Museum.

Haas DetailArt

Peralta’s grant-funded arts program, woven throughout the curriculum, is the heart and soul of our school. It includes three main elements: weekly art instruction, after-school classes like the ongoing mural project with artist Jamie Morgan (read more), and the integrated school-wide Peralta Stewardship Project that cuts across the curriculum. We are lucky to have two grant-funded artists-in-residence, whose teaching goes far beyond paper, scissors and glue (though they use plenty of that, too!). Read more about the Peralta Stewardship Project in the November 2010 Rockridge News.


Upper grade students participate in OUSD’s instrumental music program, receiving weekly instruction in an instrument of their choice. In addition, The Peralta Parent Teacher Group supports two professional musicians who work with students in each classroom weekly.

For the past several years, QB Williams has taught percussion to upper-grade students, while Bonnie Lockhart has taught singing to students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.


All students have weekly physical education classes with an instructor funded by the Peralta Parent Teacher Group. The emphasis is on fun, movement, and skills development. Our “coach” asl supervises junior coaches at recess, coordinates school teams, and works with the after-school program.

Mental Health Counseling

The PPTG contracts with the Wright Institute to provides mental health counseling to individual students and small groups. Doctoral student interns provide one-on-one therapy to address anger management, social skills development, conflict resolution and grief/mourning support.

Spanish Instruction

A Spanish teacher works with each class weekly. Students look forward to these fun, intereactive lessons.