Peralta Walkathon

The Walkathon is the only 100% kid-powered fundraiser at Peralta—and one of the mightiest fundraisers of them all!  On a Sunday in October, hundreds of kids put on their walking shoes and trek around the blocks surrounding Peralta.  The children collect sponsorships for each mile walked, and almost all participants walk at least 4 miles (10 laps).  Some of the older children will go as far as 8 miles (20 laps)!  Each lap earns a walker a small prize/incentive, and many students earn the distinction of “Superwalkers” for reaching their fundraising or walking goals. A late afternoon barbeque and bakesale on campus makes the Walkathon a wonderful way to get exercise, meet other families and raise money.

Over the past four years, the Walkathon has raised more than $95,000 for arts, sports, field trips and classroom supports at Peralta.  And all the while the Walkathon is just plain FUN!


Donate to the Walkathon because it helps make Peralta awesome.  Walkathon funds help pay for aides in the (increasingly over-crowded) classrooms, for a librarian, for art and music instruction, for mental health counseling and the conflict resolution program, for the gardening program, and much, much more.  All these things are part of what makes Peralta a great place for kids and earned it a 2011 National Blue Ribbon award—one of only 22 schools in all of California to earn this distinction!


Once we start the drive, canvas your neighborhood and comb your email contacts to reach out to friends and family and collect pledges for the Walkathon. On October 26th, students will walk laps along the sidewalks surrounding the school (63rd Street, Telegraph Ave., Alcatraz Ave., and Dana Street).

Pledge money can be turned in on the day of the Walkathon or given to Ms. Sonia Spindt (in the library or in her box in the office) up to two weeks after the event.

Checks should be made out to the PPTG (Peralta Parent Teacher Group, tax ID number 94-2831259).


  • VOLUNTEER: Parents and Caregivers, WE NEED LOTS OF VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE THIS DAY HAPPEN! There are a variety of jobs, at different shifts available. If you are interested please contact Erin Dare or Kelly Nykodym.
  • BAKE: On the day of the event, there will be barbeque and bake sale. Please consider donating baked goods!


To qualify as a Super Walker you must:

  • Collect AT LEAST $100 in pledge money OR
  • 15 pledges of any amount OR
  • Walk the number of 0.4 mile laps recommended for your grade level: K/1=10 laps (4 miles), 2/3=15 laps (6 miles), 4/5=20 laps (8 miles)

All Super Walkers receive a special medal at the end of their walk!