OEA, the teachers’ union, has called a strike starting Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019.

“What do I do with my kids?” You have choices.

Update: 2/22/19

Childcare Exchange Spreadsheet - We've create a spreadsheet to help coordinate childcare with other parents. If you have space to offer, please post your information in the spreadsheet. If you need childcare, please contact the parents in the spreadsheet directly.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-8LLMYLk6HqDWvPI9YVuBQ-MFBDZt9vFsc9KzYEjBIQ/edit?usp=sharing   

Bushrod Rec Center - After a bumpy start (long story) we are now up and running at Bushrod. Now, we need parent volunteers to: enrich the experience for the students, help supervise, help teach, you name it! If you have a passion you want to share, or a skill to teach, or just eyes for supervising, you will be warmly welcomed. Bring instruments, bring books, bring curriculum about labor movements, whatever you want! Stay for an hour, stay all day, whatever you can offer will be happily accepted. 

  • YES, bring your kids and any kids you are caring for

  • Hours are 8:00 - 3:00

  • Lunch will be provided for kids and volunteers

Contact Taylor or Kira to sign up for a shift! 

Musically Minded Academy - Mixed Ages Grades K-7

8 am-4 pm

Sliding scale: $0-$75 per day

Musically Minded Academy will hold a solidarity school for each day of the strike. This will be a mixed age setting with a focus on music, movement and art. There will be a culminating performance each Friday or on the last day of the strike if the strike ends mid week. 

The curriculum will focus on building music, acting and performance skills and students will be encouraged to express themselves and build performance pieces around solidarity, unity and the importance of quality education. 

We will use visual art, video, original music, recorded music, movement and storytelling to build mini performance pieces around this topic. 

Students will write a performance outline and script via google docs and have access to our costumes and art supplies to supplement the performances as needed. Students may take on different roles as writers, performers, stage techs, mentors, musicians, etc.. 

We encourage volunteerism from parents, grandparents and community members to help with this endeavor. Teens are encouraged to attend as mentors and counselors (like camp counselors) and those who do may be hired to assist with our summer camps. 


To enroll send this info to anna@musicallyminded.com

child(ren): name, date of birth, grade, school, other notes (allergies, other important info)

Parent(s): all contact info

Emergency contacts: all contact info

The official hours are 8-3, but they have the space until 5 every day and are willing to keep it open if they have the staff to do so. But Anna, the director, will need to leave around 3 each day. She needs some folks who are reliable to cover those hours.

Kids will sign up for the Musically Minded Academy and be covered by their insurance.

They’d prefer kids to commit to coming every day but if they remain under capacity they are fine with daily drop ins.School at Peralta

School at Peralta

You will be able to bring your kids to Peralta if need be. The district will organize supervision and replacement teachers. You should expect to have to cross a picket line. However, we’re asking all families to remember that the problems we face are with OUSD and Sacramento, NOT with anyone who needs to cross the picket line (for example, Ms. Hendrie, PEACE staff (not unionized) and kids/parents who don’t have other good options for where to send their kids).

Contacts/more info

Peralta Parent Contacts:
Strike School/Morning Care/Aftercare: Kira Don
Picket Line Support: Seth Newton Patel and Jessica Sandow
Donations/Funds: Drew Amerson & Lili Farhang
Communications: Amy Jo Evje

Video - The Education Crisis in Oakland

Video - Fighting to Keep Teachers in Oakland


Detailed FAQ (by Chabot teachers)

By the Numbers Infographic

Facebook groups with regular campaign updates: Parents United for Public Schools and Oakland Education Association

Monday, February 4th, the teachers' union announced that its membership voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. While this does not guarantee that a strike will happen, and no start date has been set, the teachers' union indicated that it expects to be on strike by the end of the month. We have attached a "Family FAQ" that was prepared by the Oakland Education Association to answer some common questions about the potential strike.

The PPTG supports the teachers should they strike because we value the important role they play in our lives. We fully support smaller class sizes, more resources for students and living wages for our teachers. During the strike, the teachers will form a picket line in front of the school. The most powerful message you can send to the district is to not send your kids to school during the strike.

Since many of our families are unable to take time off to stay home with their kids, Peralta parents are organizing a "strike school" which is school taught off-site by the teachers and open to all OUSD students. Follow up information will be shared via email.

We recognize this strike impacts everyone differently and for some families sending your student to Peralta may be your only option. There are other ways you can get involved, every bit of support helps! Please follow this link to learn more.

Peralta Parents: Here's How We Can Support Our Teachers & Kids During a Strike

Kristel Weaver-Schoeneman & Drew Amerson, PPTG co-chairs