Teachers & Staff

Principal Giselle F. Hendrie

Ms. Hendrie feels strongly that creativity, imagination, and discipline are best fostered in joyful, intentional spaces where committed adults create opportunities for students to authentically experience themselves as learners with a multitude of gifts and talents. Ms. Hendrie, returning for her second year as principal, is dedicated to working with her team and with the community to maintain Peralta Elementary as one of those spaces. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from New York University, as well as a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership.

2017-2018 Staff


Giselle Hendrie, phone (510) 597-4967

Main Office

Administrative Assistant, phone (510) 654-7365
Asha Washington, Attendance Clerk

Support Staff

Kristen Murakoshi, Resource Specialist 

Elaine Everman, Resource Specialist IA, Instructional Support Specialist, Resource Program

Sonia Kreit-Spindt, Librarian/Intervention Consultant 

Sonia Perez, STIP Substitute

Ellen Oppenheimer, Art Consultant

Trena Noval, Art Consultant

Q B Williams, Music Consultant

Bonnie Lockhart, Music Consultant

Alice Lancefield, Music Consultant

Jill Rogers, Music Consultant

James Saunders, Head Custodian

Charlezetta Wilson, Night Custodian

Jennifer Everhart, EEIP Teacher

Amy Wong, Cafeteria Manager

Lisa Beyer, Academic Mentor 

Daniel Simms, Academic Mentor

Jayla Wallace, Academic Mentor

Nicholas Reese, Yard Supervision

William Smith, Garden Coordinator

Sherice Tyler, Noon Supervisor / After School Program (PEACE) Manager

Asha Washington, Noon Supervisor / Attendance Clerk

David Tidball, Instrumental Music Teacher

Classroom Teachers

Nina Behrsin
Camille Calica
Tia Warren

First Grade
Pam Lucker
Stephen Davis 

Second Grade
Diane Colquhoun
Stephanie Vollmer

Third Grade
Elisabeth Osmond
Natalie Ashby

Fourth Grade
Susan Killebrew
Ana Thomas 

Fifth Grade
Meghan Larranaga
Jeffrey Gaulin 

After School Program:

P.E.A.C.E., (510) 597-4975
Sherice Tyler, Program Site Coordinator - (510) 501-6926
Jamilah Muhammad, Program Instructor
Andre Williams, Program Instructor
Gabriela Gebhardt, Program Instructor
Tracy Dalton, Program Instructor
Daniel Simms, Program Instructor