Diversity Dinner 2015 - Saturday November 7th

This free community celebration is a time to honor the wealth of diverse heritages and life experiences that enrich our community.

Pot-luck Supper

This is the heart of our celebration – just sitting and eating together. Bring an ample dish to share that reflects your family or cultural roots.

Dance Party!

DJ Denise will be bringing the funk for the after-dinner dance party!


Free face painting for kids! Free henna if we can find volunteers!

Let’s Get Fancy!

Wear something special that reminds you of your family or your culture. Or just wear that Halloween costume you were planning to get rid of.

We’ll have a Photo-booth to capture the fabulous-ness!

Don’t forget to bring your good spirits and good appetites!

The Diversity Dinner is hosted at Peralta Elementary on Saturday, November 5th, from 4:30-8pm.
For more information, contact Paolomee Udani.
To volunteer, visit the 2016 Diversity Dinner Volunteer List page to sign up.

The Diversity Dinner is a participatory potluck where Peralta families come together to share the abundance of their culinary origins. From banh mi to bi bim bap, quesadillas to kugel, this is our chance to appreciate the patchwork heritage that makes our school so vibrant. Everyone is invited and no fundraising is involved. Start thinking NOW about your favorite recipe.  

We do need your help to make this fun, family-friendly event happen. 

Diversity Dinner 2016

Latkes, lumpia, enchiladas, egg curry, pierogies, jalebees, wild boar and lamb stew...

Face painters and henna designers and the folks rocking out on the dance floor…

We ate until we couldn't move, and then we sat around and talked til we could eat some more. 

Thanks so much to all the parents who came and brought dishes, and all the volunteers who scrubbed them clean again. :-)

Shout outs of appreciation to the fabulous folks behind this year's Diversity Dinner!

Diversity Dinner 2015

I want to send out another thank you to all of you who were the feet on the ground (and the hands in the dirty dish-water) to really pull together and make the Diversity Dinner happen this year. It's like a miracle to me how everything comes together at the last minute, and you all need to know that _you_ you are the miracle.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and extra thanks to everyone who helped out to pull together this amazing event!

We had fabulous face-painting, and fantastic flag-making crafts.

Folks put their best foot forward in all kinds of meaningful clothing - from dirndls to yukata to their father's favorite sweater to hand-made jeans. 

An on-site photo-booth was super-popular, and kids brought home snapshots with friends and family.

Our People Scavenger Hunt let us know that Star Lightner was born in Oakland, Raniya has more than 5 people in her family, Ms. Costello is one of the few people on campus who still remembers the fire at Peralta, and Deven is your man if you need someone to say the alphabet backwards. :-)

The food! Mango lassi, barbeque chicken, gajar halwa, pecan pie. I'm pretty sure most folks went home stuffed!

An amazing Romanian folk-singer inspired some impromptu toddler folk-dancing. Then it was time to all rock out on the dance floor under the twinkle lights and the stars.

Thanks again to all who came, and to those who couldn't make it - we'll see you next year. :-)

The D-U Dance Party

The D-U Dance Party