Annual Auction

Buy 2016 Auction Tickets Here!

You are cordially invited to the 2016 Auction — The Peralta Cruise — on March 5, 2016, 5-11pm, at Uptown Body and Fender in Oakland.  We’ll have delicious food, awesome auction items, and great music to keep you up and dancing.   Learn more at

The chief goals of the Auction are to raise much-needed money for the school, have fun and build community. Each year we plan a memorable party so that amid the serious work of bidding on auction items, there’s time for mingling… and dancing too! This event is the school’s biggest springtime fundraiser and provides critical funds to the PPTG’s annual budget. Think of all the great advantages our kids enjoy that don’t get funded by the district: Peralta’s art, music, language, sports and gardening education, librarian and teacher support staff.

How Can I Help?

The donations from Peralta families make it unique. Peralta families have held events like dinners, playdates, trips to the Giants game, organized hikes, babysitting, parties, hand-made jewelry and more. The donations can be products or services you offer personally or something you buy that you then donate to the silent or live auction.  Also, volunteers solicit donations from local merchants for items like restaurant gift certificates, hand-made jewelry, and summer camps. Some of those items become part of our online auction. People bid on products and services online, and when the online auction closes, the highest bidder gets the prize!

If you'd like to help solicit donations, please contact Christy, Mari, or Becka.

If you have an item that you'd like to donate or have already solicited something, please enter it HERE.

At the Annual Auction, we have a silent auction with tables of even more enticing items to bid on, plus a short live auction. Whether you are looking to meet other parents, find serious bargains on goods and services, or just have fun while supporting the programs our kids deserve, you’ll find it all at one place! If socializing at a big event is not your idea of a good time, we will gladly match you with a volunteer opportunity in a quiet corner – and we would be most grateful for your help!

Experiences From Me?

Our biggest hits have been Pay to Play events where a Peralta family hosts a party, like poker night or beer making. Some families offer dinner parties or play dates. You pay for the donation (ingredients for your breakfast event, tickets to a museum) and then people bid on the chance to attend your event! You decide when and where, and how many people will attend. All money raised goes to Peralta. And you get to know other parents and Peralta kids – some of whom you might not have met yet!

Interested in hosting a Pay-to-Play? Contact Jen Werner!

Know exactly what kind of a Pay to Play you want to host?  Enter the details HERE.

I’m not sure I can afford to attend.

We don’t want that to stop you from joining the party. It’s such a fun night out! Please email the auction chairs or ask Rosette, Sherice, Asha or June to contact us on your behalf for complementary tickets.

See you at the Auction!