Each September, we ask Peralta families to contribute to the Peralta Fund, which supports the variety of programs paid for by the Peralta Parent Teacher Group (PPTG).

The Peralta Fund helps pay for:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Spanish
  • Classroom helpers for grades K-2 (“aides”)
  • Mental health services
  • Field trips
  • Garden upkeep and learning programs
  • Computer supplies and support
  • Earthquake and disaster preparedness
  • And other enrichment programs that help make our Peralta kids thrive!

Over 80% of our students’ families contribute to the Peralta Fund, often with monthly payments. Make your donation online now or bring your donation to the main office at Peralta. Donations to the Peralta Fund are tax-deductible.

How much should we contribute?

Many families ask how much they should consider donating to the Peralta Fund.  Last year, donations ranged from $3,600 ($300 a month) to $5 per child.  All donations are important and help our kids! Unfortunately, money from the school district does not cover the expenses of a comprehensive education like the one your child receives at Peralta.  Donations to the Peralta Fund help fill that gap.

Kindergarten families: Please consider donating at least JUST ONE MORE MONTH of what you paid for preschool or childcare before Peralta – and you can spread that amount out over the whole year with automatic, monthly payments.

Don't Forget Corporate Matching!

By using your company's charitable matching program, you can double (or more) your contribution to the school. This is a great way to significantly increase the impact of your contribution. (You can also encourage any friends or relatives interested in supporting Peralta to see if their companies will match their contribution!)

Check with your employer to see if they offer corporate matching today!


If you have any questions, please contact

To make a donation, use the secure online link above, or if you prefer, mail a check payable to Peralta Parent Teacher Group, to:

Peralta Elementary School
460 63rd St.
Oakland, CA 94609

On behalf of the children, thank you!