New Volunteer Clearance Process

Volunteer requirements are set by the Oakland Public Education Fund, learn more by reading their Clearance Requirements document (Requisitos para Acreditación).  Start by signing up to volunteer through the Oakland Ed Fund. 

For all parent and community volunteers:

Step one: Sign up to volunteer (Do this first, responses can take 5-7 days).

Step two: Complete the paperwork required by the Oakland Ed Fund:

  1. Live Scan clearance (sent automatically by whichever Livescan technician you use).  Start by completing the Live Scan Application.
  2. TB Clearance (Clear TB Test or TB Risk Assessment - signed by your healthcare provider)
  3. Signed Liability Waiver
  4. Headshot - any photo is fine as long as it isn't too small. Ex: a photo from your phone is just fine

Not all volunteers need all of these, but I believe ALL drivers do.

Step three: Scan and e-mail the documents to (fastest way), or snail-mail them to:

Oakland Public Education Fund
c/o Lilly Smith
PO Box 71005
Oakland, CA 94612

Additionally, for field-trip drivers ONLY:

Turn these documents in to Peralta:

  1. Declaration of Driver Form
  2. Proof of Sufficient Insurance (photocopy/printout of your insurance coverage)
  3. Valid ID (photocopy of your drivers' license)

These above documents usually are requested directly by your child's teacher, from only those who are driving. You can fill them out and turn them in back to the teacher, or to the office.

Thank you so much for helping to support all of our kids and teachers in the classrooms!

Eleanor Katari
PPTG Chair