Did you know that Mrs. Myers goes through about four bags/boxes of snacks every day? That's about 20 boxes a week, 86 boxes a month, 780 boxes for the school year! Quite a mountain of crackers. And quite overwhelming if one person (or even two to three) try to supply it on their own. If every family gives four or five boxes of snacks or bags of fruit over the course of a schoolyear, that MOUNTAIN becomes a wee molehill. Much more manageable.

More and more kids are stopping by in the morning to see Mrs. Myers and grab a snack. It is up for debate whether the kids stop by for the snacks - or to see Mrs. Myers. Whichever one is more true, Mrs. Myers Snack Stop is MORE popular than ever.

Please help! Just pick up one extra snack next time you are at the store.

Please, if you can pick up a box or two and drop it by Ms. Myers office, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

AuthorSteve Mundro