In the short, dark days of winter, when the roads are wet and the wind does blow,When the salamanders cross the road to breed under the moon's glow It's time to put on the rain gear from head to toe And walk or ride to school like Henry David Thoreau Thursday, February 4 is the day to break the status quo, the car keys you shall forego and while your at it turn off that t.v. show It's time to do your part and walk or roll to Peralta with the family in tow Even carpooling or public transportation is a go, go, go So walk, roll, carpool or take mass transit with your radiant glow And look for the table in the yard in front of the fence where the sunflowers grow If you arrive early there will be cool treats to bestow

Contact Raphie Breines (raphiebreines AT gmail DOT com) with questions or to offer your assistance.

In addition, Peralta's Safe Routes to School Site Coordinator will be at Peralta the morning of February 4 recruiting to start Walking School Buses, which is a program that forms walking groups comprised of students and adults that walk to and/or from school together.

AuthorSteve Mundro
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